I have been waking up with night terrors: Advice?

Night terrors have prevented me from sleeping well in days. Last night I woke up screaming and crying at 1 am. I was scared to go back to sleep. Is there anyone else that has experienced this? Oh and yes I am super grumpy due to lack of sleep.


My daughter had them for years. Started taking melatonin about 4 months ago and hasn’t had one since and her mood thru out the day has completely changed.

I have night terrors alot. My husband usually has to wake me up to comfort me. Recently I started Unisom prescribed by my doctor & it’s helped tremendously.

Talk to God in prayers.He will hear you.You will feel better.Do not take pills for that.I know they do not help.Drink a nice herb tea


Try some chamomile tea before bed and avoid using your phone at least an hour before bed…also maybe some melatonin…

My mom passed in December, I’ve had night terrors since. I’m currently 18 weeks pregnant and I have had even more . Now most nights I wont know that I have them( dont remember). But when I do my bf wakes me up or my support dog will wake me up .

For some it won’t allow a pic but here hope this helps you !! recharge refocus an restart yourself lovely I have had much the same experiences since my accident last year this is a ‘tiger eye’ great for healing.

I had to be put on a blood pressure med for a while because my dreams were so bad. The meds would put me into a stage of sleep where I wouldn’t dream. Took it for years. Finally I stopped taking it one day and they haven’t returned since.

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I had these, terrible terrible nightmares… so vivid that sometimes I woke up and thought I was still in the nightmare. Although unorthodox and some people don’t believe in it… I got myself a tigers eye, and trust me it was a last resort because I never believed in that stuff, but I believe it in now! Because it worked!

Such a scary experience! I had to stop taking migraine meds because of night terrors.

I don’t have help to offer other than to tell you you’re not alone. I often wake up crying and very scared to go back to sleep. Sometimes my husband hears me crying in my sleep and wakes me up. I also feel sleepy all the time.

Have you tried Valerian? It’s natural & I’ve never heard of side effects. Also,Too much Melatonin may cause your body to not produce as much natural melatonin. Any new meds prescribed? Or major life changes? Don’t watch or read anything over stimulating near bed time. My Mom prayed and that helped.

I have night terrors occasionally. I notice if I take too much melatonin it triggers night terrors

I’ve never heard of these in adults but my son had these as a toddler and they were awful to deal with. My advice is try to relax and focus on something pleasant. Maybe deep breathing or yoga to relax you after an episode.

Have you been through trauma? I get these but I have diagnosed ptsd


If you believe in prayer, my #1 advise is prayer.


If you take any medications I would research side effects.

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What is a tigers eye!!!

Definitely could be related to medication. Are you taking anything?