I have been with my boyfriend for 12 years but he has never mentioned marriage: Thoughts?

Ladies I’m tired I’ve been in a relationship with my bf for 12 yrs he never once brought up marriage he never intended to make me his wife I was fine with that but now 3 kids later I want to be more then just a gf I want to be a wife. I do everything for him I go above and beyond for him and my kids but I never gotten the same treatment I give him… tomorrows my birthday and once again, I won’t be getting anything once again I won’t feel loved by him. He would rather work than be home. He would rather be with his friends than with his kids and me… so tonight I packed up all my stuff and I’m leaving. I’m going cause I finally found my worth I’m leaving because I deserve more then what I’m getting. I want to be someone’s wife. I want to take family trips, have family nights, and if I’m crying, have someone wipe my tears and make everything ok. My kid’s father thought that just because he was the provider of the family, that was his only job. Smh… yes, I’m dumb for staying for so long. Yes, I’m dumb for even trying and staying and hoping he would change, but when is enough! Today is my enough I want the meaning of love I want my kids to grow up in a happy home and have someone be there for them as well. So ladies if your in a relationship that’s like mine or somewhat like mine just remember Its never too late to get out there is always a happy ending


Well happy birthday! We share the same birthday, hope things get better for you!

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Proud of you for finding your worth💜 you deserve the world!

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Happy Birthday! Cheers to new beginnings and standing up for what you’re worth & what you want. :heart:

Well sis, I’m glad you are DONE acting like a WIFE to a man that’s NOT you’re husband. BOYFRIEND’S dont get Husband PRIVILEGES!


Thats rude. Her kids can still live a perfectly happy life without her staying in a relationship she’s miserable in. Your own happiness reflects on your children’s happiness,staying in a bad relationship for the kids is never the answer! You go get your happy ending girl and don’t let anyone make you feel badly for it.


I don’t think think you should want to marry him:(


Best of luck to you!
You will be successful!!

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I feel bad for you i hope it gets better for you you deserve happiness happy birthday and good luck

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Good for you! You are such a brave woman and I praise you for how strong you are. Your children will thank you when they grow up. I was with my daughters dad for 6 years and finally I just had enough. I finally feel happy again and to watch my daughter smile more is just amazing. You can do it!! Hope you have an amazing birthday knowing that YOU love you and so do your kids❤️

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Happy Birthday! I’m proud of you for valuing your worth. Don’t be hard on yourself, sometimes it takes a while. <3

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You are mother than a girlfriend you are the mother of his children, you don’t need a piece of paper to define your relationship

Happy birthday! It may be hard at first but don’t give up or give in! I’m so glad you are seeing your worth.

Happy birthday!! Yo go girl!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Wow, it sounds like you’re living my life exactly.

What matters is you DID IT. Don’t let your mind chastise you about how long it took. Good job, so many women will see this. Wishing you the best and PUT YOUR BABIES AND YOU FIRST.


Currently in a situation like this. Almost 11yrs later, 2 kids, & no ring. I’ve given him an ultimatum & if nothing changes by next spring I’m gone. Sadly tho as much as I’m putting my foot down by next spring I’m sure I’ll punk out like I have many times before. If only I had the strength to let go who knows how happy I’d be elsewhere :frowning:

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sounds like the perfect Birthday present - You got this

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Well I’m proud of you for getting up the courage and strength to realize you’ve had enough. You deserve the world and deserve someone who is gonna show you that you mean the world to them and from the sound of it he doesn’t seem like the one. Happy birthday and here is to new beginnings. Stay strong momma you got this.

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Happy early birthday momma! :heart: