I have Emetophobia and am scared of getting pregnant: Advice?

I have extreme Emetophobia. I am scared to have a baby, but people tell me it will go away when you have a kid. Is this true? Also, how do you keep yourself from getting sick while pregnant? I want to have a baby, but I am scared of throw up.


If you legit had a phobia you wouldn’t even be considering it.


Some of these posts just don’t seem real. Like someone has nothing better to do then post dumb things like this.


This sounds just like I was before I got pregnant. I was terrified of every bit of it. Then when I found out I was pregnant I was fine. I was just happy that I’d soon have my own little human. I also freak out any time I feel like I might get sick and I didn’t throw up once during pregnancy. It’s all worth it. :pray:

If you’re scared of throwing up, you need to get used to it as a mom lol. If you’re scared of all the what ifs, you’re not in a position to be having a child yet. If you’re scared of pregnancy itself, consider adoption.

I had severe hyperemesis (severe morning sickness) with 2 of my 3 kids. You can’t predict it, you cannot plan it. It happens.

Maybe you should wait until you are older and less afraid. Meanwhile, talk to your mom friends, and see if they can offer some insight.

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You can’t do anything about being sick when pregnant. It’s called morning sickness. You’ll puke alot. But if your scared if having a baby talk to your doctor. OBs see scared moms become happy and joyful after they see their baby’s face

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Some people are just not meant to have children you may be one of those people…

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Not every woman throws up while pregnant.


If your scared of puke than you definitely should not be a mother 🤷🤷 kids puke, there is no way to stop morning sickness. It’s just the way it is 🤷🤷


Posts like this make me wonder if they are legit posts or the group just trying to get clicks! SERIOUSLY!!!


There is nothing you can do about getting morning sickness some ppl just get lucky enough not to have it an every pregnancy is different you might have it one pregnancy you might not , an if you have a phobia you would not be considering having a child an if your that scared maybe you should not have one :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

Its kind of pathetic with all the back lash, this is suppose to be a support group but half of you are raging a-holes with nothing better to do other than put other people down to make yourselves feel better. And as far as you needing advice, talk to a doctor if you really want to be a mother and thats the only thing holding you back talk to someone and see about overcoming your phobia and ways to cope with it.


I had no morning sickness with my second child but from morning til night from when I found out until the birth of my first everyone is different…but babies projectile vomit :face_vomiting: and projectile shit too good luck

I’ve had four kids and I never had morning sickness or throwing up. Not everyone gets sick.


I suggest you ask these questions of TRAINED MEDICAL DOCTORS and not a support group. Health is not something you ask about, since what woks for one person may not work for you. I find it amazing that anyone would put their health in the hands of people online, why not google it or ask webmd, to me it’s the same thing. Good Luck but ask your doctor or a doctor about your concerns, they know you better than we do.


Kids are messy, if you are scared of throw up you might want to rethink it. If it can go in a child it can come out. Usually in a much stinkier and greater volume than it went in.

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Adoption or surrogate can be an option if you dont want to get pregnant yourself but if you still really want to have kids.

I never threw up with either of my pregnancies

Some of you should be ashamed. This is a support group not a bash on people group.