I have gained weight and lost my confidence: Advice?

Ladies, I am lost. Over the past year, I put on 30 pounds. I have always had a good, maintained weight at 150, now at 180, my confidence is shot. I don’t really know how it happened because my lifestyle didn’t change. My job stayed the same, life stayed the same, eating habits stayed the same (if not improved!) We found out recently that we are expecting baby #2 which we are over the moon for! With baby #1, I put on 70 pounds (from 130-207) so now at a higher weight, I am so worried about putting on so much weight again. My midwife saw me recently and said, I’m very healthy. I don’t feel that way, and now with the pregnancy, I’m not sure what to do! This page can get kind of rude, so please don’t shoot me when I’m already down, I’m doing my best here!


Have your thyroid checked asap, could be way too low that’ll have you gain weight 🤦


I’m currently in the same boat. I am 6 months pregnant and have gained 10 pounds so far. I didn’t gain any weight the first 4 months. Then slowly gained 8 lbs and over the holiday put on 4 more. I eat healthier snacks when I can. I crave the fruit so that helps me out so far

First…have you had your thyroid checked? I was recently put on a thyroid medication that has given me no side effects and…girl…it has changed EVERYTHING! I had no idea all of my problems were because of my thyroid, I was getting super depressed about it all. I even struggled with breastfeeding my second baby and as soon as I was put on this medication, I began making a ton of milk, my hair started growing back in longer and stronger, I had energy again, I’m glowing. I wish you luck :heart:

U can do weight watchers while pregnant u eat alot n eat healthy n u can eat out n fast food too

30 lbs weight gain, and your still pregnant. I wouldn’t stress over it. Once you have the baby, breast feeding burns allot of calories.

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As long as u eat healthy n walk or do yoga u should be fine I’m currently in my 9 month and I only gained 7 pounds although morning sickness probably played a huge part in that …with my first I gained 50 pounds every pregnancy is different

I gained 70 with my first. 18 with my 2nd. Every pregnancy is so different. Just continue to eat healthy and give that baby what it needs.

Eat good and know that stress is harder on the body then extra weight so dont stress just do your best .

I gained 70lbs lol and after a year of breastfeeding I lost it all without any help.baby take it all lol

Your metabolism tends to slow down the older you get.


Ive fought with my weight my whole life i was 300lb at 16 lost down to 190 by the time i was 20 got pregnat had a miscarrage gained like 40lb due to stress and depression eating found out i was pregnat again after only 4 months gainded back up to almost 300lb during the pregnacy and now im slowly loseing again but this holiday aint helping me nun :joy: dont get down just because you gained some weight speiclly whike pregnat

First and foremost be kind to yourself and talk to the doctor about it


Only speaking from my experience, 3 kids later, I’m 5"2’… I was 116-120 normally… gained 30 lbs during pregnancies… after the 2nd I was 118 working out had a 6pack abs. After the third I’m 125… I’m 27… idk if age is a factor… I’d talk to a doctor about what is normal weight gain

That’s your concern??? Weight gain? :woman_facepalming:


Eat healthy for now and take good care of yourself and your baby. Don’t eat junk or sugar (cookies, candy) because they are empty calories.

I am only 5 ft. I gained 69 lbs with my 2nd pregnancy. I nursed (this burns 1,000 calories a day), ate healthy after I delivered and started to exercise. Never looked better.
Be kind to yourself.

Welcome to the club you are not alone!

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Eat healthy and stay active, go for walks or use a pool.

I started out higher with my current pregnancy. I was 197. I lost weight for a while during which is apparently really common for higher weights. I’m currently 208.6 and am scheduled for csection jan 23rd.

I gained 60lbs during pregnancy and still had 20lbs to lose a month after…and my weight hasn’t budged except now that it’s the holidays I’ve gained almost 10lbs. :ok_hand: So now I’m 30lbs away from my goal. :joy: i feel you.