I have gained weight due to breastfeeding: Advice?

Hi so I have a question for your followers. I’ve been breastfeeding my son for a year but I’ve put on so much weight because of BF. I want to stop and focus on getting back to my normal weight but he doesn’t like milk and nothing soothes him before he sleeps and will insist on having my milk. How do I stop or what can I do to help soothe him?


Start mixing half and half and then when he gets used to that, start putting more milk in then your milk.


Wow…I never knew breast feeding could cause weight gain. I was always told it makes you lose weight. Unfortunately, I only breast fed for about 6 months with my kids.


Normally you Lose weight when you breast-feed I’ve never heard of anybody gaining weight because of breast-feeding


It’s normal to gain weight the older the baby gets. Baby needs more milk so your appetite increases. Try slowly introducing the bottle with formula. Some people mix the formula and breast milk to start.

Im ravenous when I breastfeed. I don’t gain weight while nursing but I dont lose it either. Focus on exercising and eating healthy foods. Make your body feel better from the inside out, enjoy your time nursing and slowly wean if your ready to be done.

Supplement if over 12 months, for example you give 8oz breast milk, then after a few days 7oz. Breast milk 1oz. Regular milk and so on. Mix it in the same bottle slowly your little one should get used to it. That’s how i got my son onto cows milk.

I been trying to ween my daughter off for a year now!! Haha she is 2 and a half and she still latches on me… I dont pump, it just something about the nursing that she cant let go… If i dont nurse her she won’t nap and she constant begging and reaching… It is hard not to give in… She dont like white milk but she will drink trumoo chocolate milk… Good luck

I never lost any weight breastfeeding and may have gained a little too because I was always STARVING. I did better with my second baby and kept healthier snacks with me, but I don’t think I have ever stayed so hungry in my life!

I gained weight after going back to work. Trying to maintain my milk and not breastfeeding constantly. I would just start pumping and bottle feeding. Then slowly give him less breast milk and mix with whole milk. Slowly give less Breast milk and more whole milk and finally should able to end it. Warning it will be a bitter sweet ending. :wink: good luck mama. I’m still battling to loose this weight!

Tennis star Serena Williams gained weight breastfeeding and people thought she was crazy. Once she stopped the weight came off

Girl same here 18 months old and will not settle without attaching to me. Won’t drink milk from a cup either… been trying to wean him for 8 months

They don’t have to drink milk after a year mine didn’t like it either. Dr said it was ok we don’t have to actually drink milk. I just gave mine yogurt and sour cream on things.


I had the same issue. My OB told me that 1/3 of women gain weight, 1/3 of women maintain and 1/3 of women lose weight. Everyone’s body is different and will react differently to breastfeeding. I would pump and bottle feed for a bit and then work in whole milk slowly!

I gained a lot of weight while breastfeeding too. Since she is now over a year old, I’ve started limiting my intake (small portions), with a healthy balanced diet. The milk still gets the vitamins and nutrients that it needs, but its helped me start losing a little bit of weight.

Try almond milk! My guess is he more so just like the comfort of mama❤️ I couldn’t lose weight when breastfeeding and occasionally would gain here and there so I don’t know why people are laughing at this. Two kids and I never lost any weight. I just stopped breastfeeding my 13 month old, it’s been a month and he was a full on boob dude. He still doesn’t drink ANY kind of milk but doctor says that’s okay if he’s getting calcium from other sources. I just wore a bra and shirt at night and he would whine a little for maybe five or ten minutes and then go back to sleep. He never full on cried but I was ready to have my body back to myself. Good luck mama💕


My friend had this issue. She basically had to do the tough love with her little guy and as far as the weight when she stopped she started losing the weight by light walking and watching carbs. Dont be hard on yourself it can take sometime to lose weight and even feel normal just know our bodies are so amazing they give life and that’s no easy process. Just take one day at a time.

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Breastfeeding makes you SO hungry and more likely to make poor food choices.

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I had the same issue. Lost a lot of weight(steadily and healthy weight lost) during my pregnancy. Started at 259 and ended at 224, within a year and a half of breastfeeding, I gained it all back. Started this pregnancy at 255.

It was the binge eating and just not moving a lot. During labor I hurt my tailbone very bad so my movement was restricted for months.

I’m hoping this time around, I have a lot more support and I’m mentally ready. I was happy when I lost weight. Now to be back where I was. It’s upsetting.

You can do it mama. Start small. Eat portion sizes, get your blood sugars checked, find the little things to bring positivity to your mental health. Lower down unhealthy drinks and snacks. Replace with water intake, and let fruits become your sweets. :heart:

Each day, just do movements for 30 minutes, soon you can do more and much longer. :heart::heart:

You didn’t gain weight from breast feeding. You gained it from over eating and under exercising. Period. Change your lifestyle and stop making excuses.