I have gotten positive and negative pregnancy tests: Advice?

Hey, I’ve had pregnancy tests come back different - 2 clear blue has come back with a positive line, both quiet faint but obvious for the six-day early test; however, six days early first response and cheap Tesco ones have come back negative; I am Due on any day now - has this happened to anyone else? Just wondering what to believe


Early response came back negative with me too. Waited another week, got clear blue. Positive. I’m 12weeks with baby girl.

Get a decent one (not the dollar store ones), wait a few more days, and take it first thing in the morning when your hormones are the strongest

Maybe try a digital one

Get a blood test to make sure! My hormones were so low those test never worked for me.

It won’t come back positive without the hormone present. False negatives are common, false positives are very rare. The others will probably tun positive in a few days.

Your due anyway now??

It’s best to not compare to other people as it’s your body.

Make an appointment with your primary care physician and get blood work done to check HCG levels.

Make an appointment with your doctor’s office to be sure

Different test measure different hcg levels (pregnancy hormone) I got a positive on first response for a week before I got the positive on clear blue, for that reason .

False negatives are common. False positives are rare.

Get a digital one but wait till a week after next would be a Doctor

So clear blue is one of the least sensitive test brands out there. (Based on experience and how much HCG tests advertise to detect.) However, that may not really apply to clear blue early response. Those cheap tests that are from the dollar store, or the ones that are flat and you have to use the dropper on, usually have a lower HCG detection threshold than many name brand ones. If you’re getting positive on the expensive ones but negative on the cheap ones, you should definitely check with your doctor for a blood test.

First response early result is very sensitive. Clear blue is notorious for evap lines. Im sorry I would trust the first response more.

I had it happen to me the first time I got pregnant, it was a very faint positive on a couple and negative on some. I was in the early early stages of pregnancy about 4-6weeks. Sadly I ended up miscarriage a week after finding out but was blessed with two kids.

My lines were faint on all my pregnancy tests because I tested a tad early but I was truly pregnant.

I would go to your dr. & have a blood test. Maybe wait for another week, if you are still late & retest.

I tested negative with my son on home tests, but I knew I was pregnant so I made a Dr appointment, and urine test was still negative. But, ultrasound showed about 8 weeks!

False negative is much more likely than false positive. Each test will be able to read at a certain level of hcg hormone. Blood tests won’t be anymore accurate that the urine tests that detect earlier or at lower levels of hcg. I’d guess that you are pregnant if you had 2 positives.

I’d wait another week and test again. I’ve never had a false positive though. Have dug one out of the trash to find it positive when I thought it was negative.