I have lost feelings for my husband: Advice?

I’ve been married for ten years now, and we have two kids together. The marriage has been nothing but perfect, or so I thought. I have lost feelings for him, I’ve told him, and he wants to make things work. I’m not sure what to do?


Try marriage counseling, try things to rekindle the marriage, date nights, what made you fall in love with him? Revisit those things. It’s worth trying.


Marriage counseling… This way you can say you tried everything… And who knows …maybe it will work… And if it doesn’t… You tried.


Let him try. Maybe a spark will happen and you will be reminded of why you got married.

Pray and ask God to lead you


Remember all good memories you had together… N dnt forget to pray n ask God to lead you.


Who’s the other man be honest


What are the reasons why you feel this way?

I find I have to look for sexy things other people would find sexy…and look for delights in service to him that I would miss if he were gone.And stuff like it…it opens your mind and heart…work on it…43 yrs and counting.


Maybe marriage counseling?

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Sounds like this story is missing critical information.


Talk to him instead of us???


Leave. It’s not as if feelings are going to reappear.
It’s not fair to either of you to stay

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I am certainly not a relationship expert by any means. When I came across this post it really made me pause for a min. I found myself thinking about length, time and duration. I used to run cross country… The start was exciting and almost overwhelming. As my body got in to the rhythm of the run the initial excitment( to my muscles, lungs, and mind) settled. Mile after mile I would fine moments of doubt and weariness. Commitment, patience, and loyalty to my goal kept my feet going. The excitment would revive me and the familiarity of memory sustained me. No matter where I actually placed( though I like to win) my body mind and soul found peace in the training, work, and reward. The excitment was a bonus. If the entire run was to exciting it might have been to hard to go the distance. Good luck to you.


For me marriage isn’t just about emotion, are you good partners do you make progress in your lives together? Do you make each others lives easier? Emotions ebb and fade and come back. Having a solid partner by your side is what’s most important. Don’t get me wrong emotions are important too, I personally feel emotions just aren’t the most important.


Make an effort to find things you love or like if you still want to make it work. That length of a relationship doesn’t stay Rose’s and rainbows forever. Speaking from experience.


Marriages go through ups & downs… especially long term marriages. You fall in love, you fall out of love… what keeps you together is the friendship you have established throughout your years. That is your foundation. You CAN fall back in love again. It IS possible. Remember your vows. They’re written that way for a reason. No marriage is perfect. You need constant prayer - together & faith things will work out. But always remember your foundation & that alone may work your way back into love again.


Every marriage goes thru this! It’s easy to just walk away but u took wedding vows unless they didn’t mean anything to u! Stay and fight don’t give up! I’ve been with my husband for 28 years and we certainly have ups and downs every marriage does! Hell we don’t even like each other sometimes but that’s part of it too! The grass is NEVER greener on the other side! It can get better if u just try!!:pray::pray::purple_heart::purple_heart::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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The grass is not always greener on the other side