I have major hair loss after having my daughter: Advice?

After having my daughter, I lost a ton of hair. I’m talking bald spots! Well, when it grew back, it was curly. My hair is really long, so half of its straight and the top half is crazy curly. I have to straighten it just to look normal. My hair is really long and I really REALLY don’t wanna cut it. Has anybody else had the same problem? Please post.


Your best bet would be to see a professional stylist and see what they recommend. Maybe to have it relaxed or something.

Keep taking prenatal vitamins… they are amazing for hair and nails


Hair loss is 100% normal postpartum, what you can do is go see a stylist and either get your curly hair relaxed or get a loose barrel perm to help balance out your curls.

I would see a professional stylist though to come up with a solution


I’d go see a stylist and keep taking your prenatals.

Have biotin and b 12…, that help

I went reverse had curly hair went poker straight .

Yes! My hair is a little curly underneath and straight on top. I don’t do anything to it unless I’m going somewhere. I don’t really have any advice, but I know where you’re coming from. I had a huge bald spot on the left side of my head where I part my hair. It has finally been growing back.

Start taking prenatal vitamins again. They are one thing that plays into amazing hair during pregnancy, you can continue them after as well

I got some waves after having my child. I have to straighten them.

Try some horse shampoo it makes ur hair grow uneven but I got 4 inches in 3 months :woman_shrugging:

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Try biotin or the hair and nails vitamins. I lost handfuls of hair after my second daughter. In the meantime, see what a stylist says. Asking your doctor wouldn’t hurt, either.

Get on amazon and look into any variable of these. They really work (I took them myself) and will make ur hair grow in faster and thicker. Sometimes I see coupons in the coupon section for $10 off. But I do not know how the new growth that’s coming in curly.

My on-in-law had straight thick hair wore it shaved (mechanic) for a few years. Grew back a little curly. My daughter had bald spots from stress.

I took prenatal vitamins for a year after my kids were born cause my hair was falling out and it helped

Prenatals, hair infinity, or biotin. All good for hair loss. I’ve had hair loss for awhile from stress to depression.

my daughter has the same thing

Raw ginger.
Peel and chop into small pieces , or put into a processor.
When shampooing your hair , rub into scalp and leave it in a few min. Then rinse and condition as normal.
It really works, but you have to be consistent.
FYI: the tubes or store bought chopped ginger will not work, you need the juices and raw product.