I have no sex drive and it is taking a toll on my relationship: Advice?

I have absolutely no sex drive and it has been taking a toll on my relationship. I am on medication for PMDD and have been told I will be on it for the rest of my life. I need advice on how to increase my sex drive. I love my partner and find them attractive but sex its self is never appealing. I am going to see my doctor this Monday. Any advice?


I understand. I totally understand. I got testosterone pellets (and they helped for a while), but im back to ground zero that way now. :confused:

It’s not a bad tho g for me no relationship no sex drive got to have the big O that’s what used to make Mine increase

I felt this way after having my baby no interest at all I felt gross etc slowly it got better

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This is best discussed at your appointment. Your Dr can handle this much better than anyone here.

Horny goat weed might help!

I started masturbating more, which helps raise sex drive.
Started letting my SO take control and give him those little quickies. They always leave me wanting more.
Be vocal. If you get horny, tell him and take advantage of the spontaneity. Be clear on what you want him to do to you ect. Turns you both on and helps with communication.
Make time for sex. We tend to feel like everything else is so much more important and forget sex is a vital part of a healthy relationship. Its give and take, compromises and bargaining that makes it so fun.

Certainly talk to your Dr

Okay so I was in the same boat not even 2 months ago. I told my doctor repeatedly and he done absolutely nothing about it, just told me good lubes to buy :roll_eyes: soooooo I got looking online and found these. And boy do they work! They’re all natural and not only does it increase your sex drive, it improves your overall mood. My husband said hes seen a major improvement. We were on the verge of divorce. I’m also on Paxil and Klonopin for depression and anxiety and it doesn’t counteract because it’s all natural. Well worth the money!

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Talk to the doctor, there may be another medication without that side effect.

I find the more you have sex the more you want it. I suggest just having sex even though you’re not in the mood too. Once you get going you’ll be into it.
Best of luck.


I quit 10 years ago. The day I gave up alcohol I apparently gave up sex too. Cause I don’t give a shit about it. Married 32 years. Done. 64 yo. Don’t care. Don’t do it because it’s your duty. :v:Just tell him (or her) hey not feelin it.

Have them check your thyroid.

Have you tried to bring in things like toys, vibrators, maybe foreplay?

With ya on this…Just don’t want it but love it when I do…please share id you find anything that works for ya


Inquire about Addyi at your appointment.

Exerted heart
Look in mirror
Find your identity
Question what is is that defines you

I have been having the same problem now for about a year. We love eachother, we have no arguments or anything like that, he always tells me how beautiful I am an how much he loves me, he is good at it an he can be pretty sensual as much as he can be freaky, everything is pretty perfect in our marriage except for my sex drive. I just don’t want to have sex. It used to be something I loved to do with him. And since my second child I just don’t want to anymore. He is sexy, I love him an everything but I just don’t want an enjoy sex. He gets taken care of but as for me it’s just feels like a chore almost. Idk what to do. So any one that has any ways to help naturally increase it please share. Or maybe this is something I need to talk to a doctor about??? Idk… :sob:


I feel the same since I was diagnosed with lupus…following I need advice also. Thanks for asking this question cuz I was to embarrassed to. Glad to know I’m not the only one

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