I have pain where my epidural was: Advice?

I had my son 14 months ago by emergency C-section, and the man messed up my epidural. He had to run it twice; the first time sent an excruciating pain all through my body that made me jump. I have had trouble with my back ever since its literally a struggle to keep it straight for periods of time. Well, for the past few months, I have been having tingling pains on a patch of my lower/mid back (not like unbearable but still a pain) that lasts maybe 5-10 seconds but repetitive in the same areas. I do plan to ask my doctor, but I’m self quarantine-ing until all of this passes. I’m just wondering if any other mamas have experienced this?


Yes I had problems since I had my oldest, I have pain where mine was for last 12 years. When it gets cold it locks up or will completely give out on me and I can’t sit up. The only thing that helps is chrioprater.

I seriously have the same exact issue but have been too afraid to go to the doctor with it

Yes I’ve also experienced this. The doctor severely messed up my epidural and was actually fired from the hospital. I contemplated a law suit but it was way too much work and unfortunately there’s not much that can be done. They’ve recommended me seeing a chiropractor and giving myself a lot of time before having another child. I probably will be giving birth naturally on future children because my epidural was literally more painful than birth (and the epidural didn’t work so they ended up removing it so it didn’t cause further complications during labor). Ibuprofen helps me with the swelling and drinking extra water when it hurts also helps.

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Yup my first born I had 2 failed epidurals and a failed spinal (big ass needle between your neck and first vertibre) Then had 1 with each of my 2 younger ones. They always give me pain. Espcially the spinal. My neck will stiffen right up like I had healing whiplash. Burning in some of them on occasion.

My little boy is 16 months and I’ve had back issues since the epidural as well :roll_eyes:

My lower back hasn’t been the same ever since I used the epidural for my son 2 years ago. If I sit too long, it hurts to straighten myself when I get back. And if I stand still for
Too long, it also starts to hurt. I can’t even lay straight in bed. It sucks. If I knew it was that bad, I wonder if I still would have taken it!!! :disappointed:

My spinal block went wrong and now I have sciatica, a shooting pain goes down my leg and severe back pain when i stand for too long. My dr gave me some anti-inflammatorys for when it is really bad and they seem to really help! Xx

I’ve had back problems for 6 years because they hit a nerve and kept pushing it in… I had to see a chiropractor & they said surgery could paralysis me so I’m not even considering that… I’m due in June and terrified of getting another one.

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My kid is 20 and I still feel the effect of my epidural. 🤷

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Same thing happened with my first child. It hurt so bad and he had to do it twice. I still have pain 5 almost 6 years later. I just had a second kid and flat out refused the epidural no matter how many times they kept offering it to me and how bad it hurt I just held my ground and am so glad I did.

:raising_hand_woman: was told it was totally common. Didnt get an epidural with my second and i still get pain where i had my epidural almost 5 years ago.

Physical therapy. Chiropractor. Helps. Ive had CT scans and x-rays. Nothing surgical can be done. 8 months pregnant now, am going to refuse one unless 100% emergent.

Downfalls of an epidural. Sorry, hun.

Yes I’ve had pain in my lower back since my last kid. It’s been 9 years its not as bad as it used to be but occasionally I will feel it.

Mine went away within a few months… however… the memory of being stabbed 22 times and them missing each time still lingers.

I had one about 5 months ago and it hurts now and then

Unfortunately I think the comments here show there are side effects of epidurals. I found seeing a chiropractor did help the pain but I don’t think there’s anything to “cure” that kind of damage.

When they did my epidural, 16 months ago, it hit a nerve and I had a pain shoot straight down my right leg. Few months later I had problems with my knee (fluid build up) and on going issues now. I cant sit for long periods of time. Need to lay down a lot. It’s like a dull ache now and then but definitely annoying. Unfortunately I havent found anything that helps it as of yet :confused:

Totally common unfortunately.

I had an epidural and spinals since all my kids are csection and they were never messed up on but i have back pain once in a while, especially when its cold. It has alot to do with the location of it. Its hard to get it just right.