I haven't had my period since removing my implant: Advice?

Did anyone have there period after removing their implant from their arms? I removed mine the 29th of April and haven’t had a period since then. I get cramps and back ache when it’s my time but no period.


I was told by Dr when mine was removed that it could take up to 3 months or longer.
Hit the 3 month mark yesterday and got mine.

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I just had mine removed a few weeks ago. So we shall seeeeee.

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I just went threw this…It took 2 months to finally come…

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I think mine took about 5 months.

I would take a test to be more sure

Back in Jan 2014 I removed mine to try for my 2nd baby…had no periods after removal and conceived my 2nd son by the middle of August that year…my period has always been irregular before birth control, during usage and afterwards so idk if it was why I had no period during that time

I had mine removed in July 2018 and didn’t get a period until I was put on birth control and for three months then stopped using it. Then is took about from October 2018 until July 2019 to have a close to a normal period. But slowly they started getting normal.

I had mines removed May of 2019. My cycle finally came February 2020. I have been regular ever month since

Sometimes it takes up to a year for everything to get out of your system. It’s totally normal and nothing I would worry too much about.

I’ve had several of them, it took about 8 months before my periods returned the first time and about 5 months the second time

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My daughter had hers removed the 19th of june and just found out she is now preggo… didnt even have a period…

I had mine removed a month ago and I just got mine today. I also went on patch right away

Shouldn’t this personal type of issue. Be discussed with the 'Re. Instead of fb

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talk to your dr. kinda personal stuff.

You should discuss this with your OB

I just got my 3rd one since getting mine removed april of 2019. I also was in the er last weekend for 7 hours with a 3cm cyst on my ovary. Ive heard its common for the implant to cause issues after removal

I got mine removed about 5 years ago… I havent had one since… and currently somehow I’m pregnant with miracle baby #2 I just found out that I’m 4 months pregnant. And I wouldve never known because I had not had a period in 5 years lol!!!


It took me 10 wks after taking the implant out of mgt arm to get my cycle. I actually ended up hoping on the pill to force myself to regulate back to normal as I didn’t have a cycle the 3 years I had the implants