I haven't stopped bleeding since I gave birth: Advice?

Before I get to my question, I have made an appointment with my dr. I just had my youngest almost a month ago, I had a section and I never really stopped bleeding. It slowed down to the spot. Yesterday I think I started my period, but I’m not sure. I don’t remember it being like this with my other kids. Anyways I’m bleeding pretty heavy and having clots. Is it normal for your postpartum period to be super heavy? I’ve been cramping to that’s why I think it’s my period.


If you’re breastfeeding its normal

You said you just had the baby not even a month ago so not even four weeks you can believe for up to 6 weeks definitely normal


I was bleeding for 6 weeks…it was horrible. But I had a vaginal birth

That can be normal. I had all 3 of mine by c-section and didn’t stop bleeding & passing clots until anywhere from 4-7 weeks PP with them.

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Are you breast feeding?
Have you and your partner had unprotected intercourse?
Your doctor will probably ask these questions.
I had a miscarriage just a few months after giving birth to my youngest.
I thought it was a heavy period (starting up again)
But…it was not.
Good to get checked. :purple_heart:

I bled for about 7 weeks after my last . Should be normal but I’m not a doctor , you should be able to just call the nurse at your ob and ask . Never hurts to ask and let the dr tell you

I bled for 8 weeks with my last baby, every birth is different. You shouldn’t get your period for a few weeks after bleeding stops. If you’re breastfeeding you may not get it at all, and breastfeeding contracts your uterus so more will come out faster.

I had a c sectionand bled for 9 weeks straight. Completely normal to be bleeding at 4 weeks post partum

I bled for months after having all 3 of my kids. Thought all women did

Normal, and as long as you’re not having large (golf ball size clots) and not filling more than one pad an hour they won’t be concerned. Also make sure you’re not running a fever. If you’re running a fever that’s when you worry about infection.

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It’s normal to bleed for a while. I bled almost 6 weeks with my first. After my second though, I literally bled from July 2017 (when he was born) to Aug 2018(when I got pregnant again and miscarried) though that is not unusual for me

That’s normal. You’re gonn a bleed for 4 to 6 weeks, if not longer sometimes

I had a c section and didn’t stop for nearly 2 months. Each person is different

I had a c-section and bled until right before my 6 week PP check up and the first period was AWFUL, so very possible you went from PP bleeding to your period.

I’d say it’s normal. I’ve had 2 c sections and bled for 8 weeks with the last one. About 6 weeks the first time.

First baby I bled for 6weeks then it stopped for a week then started again for a week with clots too and cramping. Got checked to be sure I was ok. That was my period! I knew that because it stopped again for 3 weeks then started on the 4th (regular cycle) I was breastfeeding then only for few months. Second baby fully breastfed and no period for a year! Shes 18 months now n partially breastfed. It’s completely normal to bleed on n off. HAve clots ect… Or to not bleed for ages too! If your concerned ask a midwife or doctor about the clots ect x

I always bled extra heavy and had clots after babies and it lasted I think 6-8 weeks.

I never had a c section but after both of my kids i bleed for 2 months straight once i thought i was gonna stop then i ended up getting my period so it was longer i had major complications with child birth so the dr treated me like i had a c section i was in the hospital for 3-4 days for each of my kids

I ended bleeding for a month and a half and got my period at 3 month