I just found out I have placenta previa: Advice?

I have an anonymous question. I am 20 weeks and just found out I have placenta previa with a partial abruption. Has anyone else had this and made it full term??


Yes! I has with my last child… and I randomly juat started bleeding throughout my pregnancy and ended up on lite bed rest for the last two months

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My sister did and she was put on bed rest

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Statically, you’ll likely be fine bc you’ll likely outgrow it. If it persists, you’ll need to delivery via c-section. Either way, as long as you’re under a doctors care, you and baby will be just fine.

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I’ve never had it but my mom did when pregnant with me. I’m 34. She made it the full 9 months. Good luck!

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Yes I had it in the beginning of my pregnancy and it worked its self out. But I was told if it didn’t by 20 weeks then I’d have bed rest… it was pretty scary good luck.

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I did with my second kiddo and made it to a week before her due date. Just was out on bed rest

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My first born came 6 was early c-sec

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I had it with all 3. The first 2 completely detatched at 16 weeks resulting in miscarriages. My 3rd it moved and he was perfectly fine.

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I’m going through this and they have me terrified. I’ve had to get my 2 yr old sons dads family to help me with him because I can’t pick him up. I bleed all the time and cramp a lot. I go see my specialist Monday.

I did. It resolved itself as my uterus grew

I had it. Along with a slew of other problems. By the time I was 30 weeks my placenta had moved again and was no longer blocking my cervix. However at 33 weeks I had to have an emergency c section because my preeclampsia went from not bad to severe and I developed a liver malfunction called cholestasis.

I wish you the best of luck!


Bed rest! Lots of bed rest! I made it to 32 weeks with it. Baby was in the NICU for two months, but now is a healthy and amazing 10-year-old. Hang in there!

My sister did spent the last two trimesters to n hospital .
She had a C section and delivered a wonderful boy . Just make shore you rest tas much as you can

That’s so weird, I had it and no one ever told me no sex… but it ended up moving so I could deliver naturally. Had a c-section anyway!

I had that too! No sex and had to do a couple more ultrasounds to see if it moved. Placenta finally moved at 36-37 weeks and my daughter was born the day before our due date perfectly healthy.

My son came at 35 weeks with plancenta abruption. Absolutely, no sex, stairs, lifting or strenuous activity.

I had it with my youngest was put on pelvic rest and by 26 weeks it had moved and all was good again.

Experienced this myself and spent two weeks in the hospital on bed rest. (Went in at 28 weeks)My body fought every med they gave me to resist labor and I ended up having my baby girl. She was in NICU for 55 days

I had it, had to be a little more cautious with what I did and got a few extra ultrasounds to keep an eye on it but it ended up moving enough by the time I was due that I had a normal delivery.