I just found out I have protein in my urine: Advice?

I’m 32 weeks pregnant and Have recently found out I have high protein in urine and am just curious as anyone been diagnosed with high protein and not had preeclampsia just a lil overwhelmed as this is baby #3 and I’ve never heard of protein in urine just looking for other mummas experience


They might put you on bp meds, monitor you weekly, and may take baby early. They took mine at 37 weeks and they are happy and healthy.

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If the protein in urine get too high they will take the baby early.

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I had it with majority of my five pregnancies, never had pre-eclampsia either.

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I have high protein in my urine but haven’t been diagnosed with preeclampsia yet. They just told me to take baby aspirin every day to keep my blood pressure down.

Yes I was. They said it was from my kidneys shutting down

I did 2 weeks before having my son, drink alot of water I was dehydrated and also laid on my left side.

I did too. And super high BP but I was fine. It was just annoying having to go to thw hospital every week at the end of the pregnancy.

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I did, and they said to hydrate. Haven’t mentioned it since that appt.

I had high protein in my urine with both of my pregnancies but never had any other symptoms of preeclampsia. High protein is just a symptom of preeclampsia and doesn’t always mean you will have preeclampsia.

I had it throughout my pregnancy but didn’t have pre eclampsia, baby was born healthy at 40+3

I had high protein but my BP was inconsistent so wasn’t diagnosed. Was induced at 39 weeks and a healthy 8lbs 15ozs

I had pre-eclampsia and had an emergency induction at 36 weeks with my first, so when I was pregnant with my second, they were vigilant about monitoring my BP and I had to do a 24 hour urine catch. I had proteins but was never diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, but they did say I had gestational hypertension (obviously that doesn’t cause proteins to be present). I had my very healthy son at 39 weeks.

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Had it in my first and had pre eclampsia, was high risk for my second because of this, constantly had this towards the end if pregnancy and didn’t get pre e, delivered naturally at 40+2. I was fairly dehydrated coz would only drink fizzy drinks so had a lot to do with that second time round

I had protein and glucose with each pregnancy, no complications. 🤷

That happened with me. I had to retest and they sent my urine out for more testing.
No infection and no pre e. My bp was always great

I did with my 1st bub. Had to have daily bloody pressure monitoring for last few weeks and was induced 3 days early

At 36, 37, and 38 weeks I had protein in my urine as well as high blood pressure, but was not diagnosed with preeclampsia. I had to go to L&D for monitoring and get blood /urine tests but once they gave me fluids and had me rest a bit, my BP would go down. Luckily nothing ever came of it, but I did end up getting postpartum eclampsia and had to be put on blood pressure medication in the hospital. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Sometimes your urine can come back high in protein if you had sex the night before your appointment.

I had both they took my daughter at 34 weeks 2 days. She’s now a typical happy and spunky two year old💕