I just found out Im pregnant. Can someone recommend what to do after positive pregnancy test?

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Start folic acid and vitamin d, get in touch with your hospital midwives and they will book you in for an appt just rest lots no heavy lifting, cut out caffeine if possible and eat a balanced diet where possible, just enjoy :blush:

Find an OBGYN and make an appointment. It’s super important for both you and the baby to have quality healthcare. Also, congrats!

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Make a doctors appointment. If you don’t know when your last period was they will send you for a dating scan.
If you do know they will send you around the 6 week mark for an ultrasound.
They will also send you for a full bloodwork test

start folic acid. Some doctors will tell you to wait for few more weeks to see a midwife I called my doctors as I was on tablets and they told me to get in touch with midwife congratulations

I’m sorry but why is some one laughing. This lady/girl could be a First time mom.


They could look at the last time you posted this, maybe a week ago?


let it grow eat healthy and try not to smoke.

Get out your ‘fat clothes’


Start folic acid. Cut back on caffeine, if you are on medication phone your doctor immediately for instructions. And good luck :kissing_heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Make a drs appointment

Lay off heavy alcohol. An occasional red wine is ok. Eat healthy. See an OBGYN

They literally made the perfect book for this exactsituation…
What to expect when you’re expecting.

First off, don’t panic, you’re gonna do great second make a doctor’s appointment and take care of mom and baby. Congratulations!

Make a doctors appointment and look at all the options available. If you are looking to continue your pregnancy, Congratulations :clap: talk woth a doctor and they will advise you on the best ways to keep you and baby healthy. If you don’t want to continue your pregnancy find someone supportive you can talk to and find out what option is best for you.
And remember its your body :heart:

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