I just found out my 8 year old cannot read: Advice?

Learning dynamics is great it worked to get my son started

My 7 year old is the same. I have zero idea what to do. He likes his tablet so we took away all the fun games and put learning games on there. And we are making him sound out the letters to small words. Penny’s and nickles are great bribes to help him read a whole sentence

Kids A-Z, IXL, vocabulary A-Z, razor kids. All online programs. There are many out there.

I didn’t read with my oldest like I should have and he was behind but we started from the beginning stage 1 books and now he is where he should be. Wasnt easy and very stressful. I learned and now with my 2 youngest we read every night.

Get some stickie notes and label everything in big letters. My daughter learns words by memory . Sees them recognises and remembers xx

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U could write some basic words down and sound the word and letter out. Or have u tried this app could epic reading

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All about reading is a program designed to.help struggling readers.

Get some books or comic books with simple wording and have him sound out the words. Bless his heart Im sure he is ashamed and been belittled from piers. I too was a late reader, and my big sister helped me with Mother goose story books. May not be much help, but I’m sorry he was pushed through will little to no recognition.

I’m sorry they didn’t inform properly inform you about his delay. Read with him every night. Start with the basics. Print out sight words and have him repeat, repeat repeat.

My nephew is also going through this! This home school shit sucks

Just work with him
He needs one on one.you can do it.

My son is 10 and is just now starting to read. It’s been a struggle but reading eggs was a good program. A lot of flash cards a lot of repeating. Our school has been wonderful with supplying extra activities for him to improve his reading (we also do virtual) read every day at least 30 mins a day. Make they are seeing you read as well. Get the paper work the big lines that are for practicing writing and have him practice practice practice. It takes time and some kids just aren’t good readers. Praise every time he does great with it. They have some cool minecraft work books and workbooks for kids with certain conditions.


Prayers for you and your son.:pray::pray:

Get Hooked on Phonics set from Amazon. Works wonders!!!

I only have one thing to say, no he won’t ever catch up to his peers if his mother is already selling him short. If you don’t believe he will get there, how I’m the hell do you expect him to get the confidence to get there🤦🏻‍♀️


try the game get my monster to read, its fun and a great resource. also read to him and point at the words while you read, the books “bad guys” is comic book style and he will enjoy it being read to him while he learns the words. Dont feel bad, your a great mom and your encouragement and love will help him

Try kumon if you can. It is a great tutoring program for reading and math.

Daily reading. Instead of tv, phones. Spend an hour reading each day. I used to do a half hour at lunch and a half hour before bed

Never say never. He can and will catch up. He most likely has dyslexia. It takes longer to be fluent in reading, but once they get the hang of it they can excel. It just takes time. Don’t be discouraged it isn’t anyone’s fault, and childhood isn’t a race. They all get to where they need to be at their own pace.

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IEP FILE ON SCHOOL ASAP. Also do abc mouse