I just found out my babies bowels looks distended: Advice?

I’m currently 32 wks pregnant. I just received a message that my baby bowel/intestines are mildly distended. Has anyone ever dealt with this, and if so, how was it handled. My doctor just put for another referral. I’m nervous and scared. This is my boyfriend’s 3rd but 1st and only daughter. He’s already going into panic mode this whole pregnancy. I haven’t told him about what I just got told. I just need advice.


You need to tell him. Take it one day at a time and try and keep positive. The doctors will look after you. If you feel the slightest thing wrong go in and make them check you. Follow your gut.

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First and foremost, you really need to tell your boyfriend about the baby. It’s his child as well and you need each other for support at this time.

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You do need to tell your boyfriend. And both together research this diagnosis. You are all in my prayers :pray::pray::pray:

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As I’ve always held to: Never panic until the doctor does. If the doc is chill about things, they know and understand the problem and have a good solution or plan. If the doctor panics, it’s really bad and they are going off of luck and a plan they are making up on the go.

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No experience with this, but I will pray all is well. Prayer is powerful. God is good. Best wishes to you

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Mamas Uncut have them check for a condition called imperforate anus it is in the vacteral diagnosis.

This is what I found. https://fetus.ucsf.edu/bowel-obstruction
Prayers for you and baby :heart::pray:t2:

I type reports for all sorts of fetal and infant procedures. Oftentimes, ultrasound images need to be repeated on babies in utero as things may seem off, but it is just how the baby is situated. I have typed reports for surgeries in utero and after birth. There are lots of issues that can be fixed before or shortly after birth and will not cause any long lasting issues with the baby. I would make sure you ask your doctor what they think it is and how to fix it. Sometimes, watching and waiting is best and things resolve on their own. Good luck.

Try not to worry! ultrasound said my son had extra fluid on his brain the cerebellum area I believe, they sent me to a pediatric specialist with far more advanced technology than what they use in the dr office. Slightly elevated fluid but nothing to worry about, my son is 11 now and great. Your Dr. is being cautious, don’t panic. Even if it is something it’s better to know now so they can have everything ready for correction but your child’s father needs to know right away.

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No use worrying, it doesnt help to prevent anything . Just wait until you see the drs. And go from there . They can do amazing things with babies now. My daughter was born at 26 weeks. She is a healthy, fully functioning 17 year old. They caught it early enough to make a game plan if need be. Good luck hun and congrats on the little one !


My son was 6 months old wen he got sick and we thought he had a stomach virus it was later determined that it was actually intussusception where the intestines are twisted inside they admitted him into the hospital and performed a procedure to blow the intestines back out it worked but they twisted right back so he had a small surgery only 2 small scars on his abdomen! He is 11 now and we were told to always make sure he is able to use the bathroom Becuz it could reverse but it never did he is healthy! Not sure how or if it can be that while ur still pregnant! Praying everything works out for u and ur lil one! God Bless!!!

My son, now 16, had distended bowels. He had to have surgery, but he was totally fine and he’s totally healthy. With medical technology the way it is today, even if it is as bad as my son’s was, they can fix it. I’ll send up prayers. :pray:t2::pray:t2:

My baby was born at 36 weeks and was kept in the NICU for 12 days for numerous health reasons… She’s now a healthy almost 6 month old! the doc is just keeping you informed and making sure you get the help that’s needed. I would talk to the father and let him know. It’s a good thing he’s worried, it means he cares. Just give him the courtesy of letting him know what’s happening

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They told me at 20 weeks that my son had no esophagus; and he is the healthiest boy and was born with one.
Technology sometimes is a good thing and a bad thing


Distended could mean bowel blockage or the start of one. It is very common in newborns with cystic fibrosis. 2 of my 4 kids have CF but neither were born with a bowel blockage. If thats what it is you’ll be watched until closer to delivery and there will be a better plan on how to handle it then. Good luck! If it is CF medical advancements are amazing and those with CF have a much better outlook than they did 20yrs ago!

They told me that 2 of kids will have heart problems when born because of the diabetes. Both are healthy as they can be.

I know someone who has a bad case of exactly that and it doesn’t affect their life at all. They did have surgery when they were young to fix it but other than that not a big deal at all.

Ultrasound are not 100% sure so only way to know 100% is when the baby is born have faith in God n he would give u a healthy baby

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I had that with my first. The doctors took him c-section and did surgery after he was born.

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