I just found out my daughter has been skipping school: Advice?

What would you do if you found out your child was skipping school? I just got a letter in the mail that my daughter hasn’t been in class (10th grade) for an entire week. They said they have been trying to contact me, but I just realized she blocked the school’s number on my phone. I honestly am at a loss. Her father passed away last year, and I am doing the best I can; and I know she is struggling; I just don’t know how to go about this. Please help!


Just sit her down, and tell her you just want to listen to whatever she needs to tell you is going on in her world right now. And mean it. If she’s willing to open up, go into it with an open mind and heart and take it all in before responding. She’s probably going through a rough time… maybe grief and then the drama that can come from that age in school… it can all build up and be alot, especially for girls. If a sit down doesn’t work… try breaking the ice with some special time together. Doing something you both love, or something you haven’t done together in a while. She still should be held accountable for missing school and blocking the schools number, but if she opens up, that should be considered and valued. Hope this helps!

Talk to her, or get someone to talk to her. She must be going through a lot. Listen to how she feels and get her help, whatever that may be.


Sooo you have to give it to her that was pretty smart :rofl: i wish I could have blocked the schools number when I was in school .


Obviously you have to talk to her, but calmly.
Get all your mad/disappointment/frustration out first.
Then, maybe seek a counselor for her, actually, both of you.


Definitely talk to her. Find out where and what she has been doing during that time.


I heard of a parent who went to school with their child and held their hand all day in every class and even raised their hand & participated in classes - possibly even just the threat of that would encourage attendance


R u low income if so there’s a military school over in Bremerton that takes dropouts to better them and is a High school too


Sit Down & Talk To Her Try To Get A Understanding Of Whats Going On Is She In Counseling?


There is special therapy for children who have lost a parent. She needs a ton of support. Be involved in that therapy.


Sounds like a mental break is needed. No it’s not rewarding her behaviour. It’s acknowledging she’s a human being who is going through a fresh loss still. Creating space for her to decompress would be a great beginning for more dialogue, then when you’re both ready create a plan together


Shes smart. And shes going to rule the world one day.
Talk to her. Ask her what you need to do to help her. Getting on to her will just make her rebel worse. So… idk… but that’s what I’d try

Go down to her level, talk to her, ask her if she is okay.

Organise a psychologist, so they can explain how her emotions and brain function etc.

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Talk to her. It sounds like she might still be having a hard time with the loss of her dad. That is such a confusing and hard age also on top of dealing with such a big loss. Maybe a therapist could help her too. Good luck! :heart:


I am sorry for your loss. She may be screaming for attention

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Talk too her and try counseling I know my 4 kids esp my twin daughters needed both after there mom passed


May be too much going to school. I dropped out in 11th grade and got GED bc health issues were too much after being in a car wreck and catching up felt impossible on top of it. Maybe give her the option of studying for GED if school is too much. Starts with a sit down talk to figure out the problem.

Well one thing is for sure she’s definitely smart


My mama called the law on me. It was my senior year. I was very embarrassed as the police took me to school and escorted me to class I cut that out real quick as in I did not miss another single day ever again. Talk about scared straight


So I was in her position when I was in 12th grade. It was the worst time in my life and school just seemed pointless. I did struggle to graduate, I had to go to summer school. But ultimately I couldn’t mentally handle being there, especially after he died and people I rarely/never spoke to were trying to talk about it. I’m sure most meant well but I just couldn’t do it. I agree cut her some slack. Not to say it’s 100% ok, but I’d let her know you know and ask what she needs and how you can help.

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