I just had a baby and think my boyfriend wants to leave me: Advice?

My SO and I had a baby less than a month ago. He also has a three-year-old from a previous relationship. We have her fulltime, and I’ve been there since the beginning, so I’m a mom. We’ve recently had some housing issues, so since the baby was born, we’ve been living separately. On Friday, he went out of state with his daughter to visit family, and I stayed back with our newborn. He told me yesterday that he’s not sure he will be coming back, and he opened the conversation by saying we had been growing apart since our baby has been born. I told him he needs to make his own decisions because it sounded like he was asking for my permission to abandon us. Not sure if he’s deciding whether he’s going to move or whether he still loves me, but we haven’t talked since yesterday morning. How do I handle this?


If he abandons you and the baby let him. File for support and custody.


Wtf you’re growing apart and the baby is a month old?! Why and when did him and his ex split…he jealous of the baby? I’m an asshole and would say grow a pair and help out with your new baby and get over yourself

Sounds terrible :disappointed: just let him go if that’s what he wants to do. His loss.

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I would file for custody child support and forget his ass he dare him abandon u guys prayers for u and baby I’m a single mom was in a similar situation it hurt like hell trust me if he dont want y’all ur better off

Let him go. He will regret it. You and the baby deserve better.


Your better off without him

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Take care of your baby and yourself and let him go and if he leaves you and the baby one time he will leave you again


Why convince someone to stay when they should want to? File for custody & support & stay strong momma❤


Take it 1 day at a time. Let urself grieve. Then move on and focus on you and baby. If he doesn’t want to be in your life them show him u don’t need him.


Take care of you and your baby. Sometimes trash takes itself out… You’ll be better off


change the locks and make a plan for you and your childs life… if hes bailing out at this stage then hes not worth keeping…


I want to give you a hug, sorry if that weird. This is just the hardest thing. Let him go, screw him. Go for the money for your baby and custody. Don’t let him back in, hopefully he can sort himself out for his newborn. Change the locks


Talk to him. Press him. Little more and ask him what he wants. If he wants to go let him. Sry that ur going through this @ such a vulnerable time.


I’m sad for you. I have no advice, be strong mama. For you and your little one. :heart:


Damn it seems like this trip was planned long ago… File for full custody and file for child support. Like someone else said. Chamge the locks. And do for u and the baby. Stay strong.

I’m sorry for your loss, but he’s not worth fighting for if he’s doing this to you and baby

Since the baby’s been born? It was a month ago ffs… Sounds like someone needs to grow up. Real relationships aren’t perfect 100% of the time. Either that or he has other reasons.


Contact a lawyer and get support for his child-then move on


He is not worth crying about if he is doing this to u and your baby… let him move on… someone better is out there and will love u for what u r

Good luck… baby needs a full time dad not a part time want to be