I keep forgetting to take my pre-nantals: Advice?

So lately. I haven’t been taking my prenatal. I’m just concerned if it’s going to affect my baby’s health. I know it’s essential. But with my first child, I did take them due to my iron. But now with my second. I forgot every time. And when I remember to take them. It will be when. I have to take my medication. Or when I see them in front of me. And it like almost every other day or sometimes I skip like a week. I have been eating healthy. No sugars. Caffeine like I would with my first. It’s all naturals. How can I keep up with my prenatals. I even set an alarm. But when I turn it off I just forget to take it. I’m currently 22 weeks.


Keep them next to the bed / couch with a bottle of water

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Put them on the table or somewhere you will see them everyday I put a note on the fridge

Maybe get an older alarm clock and set you prenatals on top of it, so you have to move them so you can turn off the alarm.

Putting them somewhere you visit frequently like on top of the refrigerator. Try taking them with your breakfast first thing every morning.

Set an alarm on your phone. That’s what I did with all 4 of my pregnancies

I get rare kidney stones when I get pregnant and my doctor told me it might be due to prenatals and she told me that I don’t have to take them as long as I’m not eating potato chips and soda everyday you have a decent diet that they are mainly if you have a poor diet and not enough vitamins for you and baby but if you still think it’s affecting the baby’s health try baby booster it’s a smoothie protein powder that has prenatal vitamins and is a filling breakfast as well if that’s something your interested in

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You’ll be fine… I didn’t take any till I was 7 months with my last one she was over 8lbs an healthy!!

Probably gonna get crap, but I took them hit or miss with my last pregnancy. Before that I took Flintstone gummy vitamins as prenatals for my previous 3 pregnancies. I couldnt stomach the regular ones. All of my kids are healthy as can be. I have a horrible memory when it comes to pills.

Well I can tell you have the baby’s best interest huh.

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Set an alarm or take them every night before bed and have them on your dresser or nightstand so you literally can’t forget? Prenatals are so important. It doesn’t matter how healthy your diet is. Your baby needs all those vitamins and nutrients.

Put them by your toothbrush

Put them by your toothbrush

I just always took them with breakfast. If you make it a habit it’s easier.

I haven’t took them with my youngest and she came out healthy

I have 4 kids. I never took any. I tried a few and that was the only thing that made me puke

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I didn’t take them for either of my pregnancies … kids came normal Ave weight/length … on time. As long as you have a balanced and healthy diet … talk ur dr abt it

Get a pillbox put it where u see it and take before you do anything else

I was faithful to my prenatals, didn’t eat lunch meat, etc. with my oldest and he was healthy, but still ended up having different issues (delays, autism) and with my youngest, I couldn’t take prenatals and he came out as chill as a cucumber, healthy pregnancy, etc. Try remember taking them when you eat or by your bed.

Pregnancy brain happens don’t worry, as stated if you are eating healthy you’ll be ok. Put the pill bottle in the glass cupboard so in the morning when you get water it’ll be right there.