I keep having nightmares about giving birth: Advice?

Hello mums. I am pregnant with my 4th. Had normal deliveries with no epidural last three times as well. But my third delivery was a little traumatic as my baby had pooped inside, and they heavily induced me as I went from 4 cm to fully dilated and delivering the baby in under an hour. The pain was excruciating, and I couldn’t even roll over on my own, the husband had to carry me everywhere for about three days, and I needed help to move around for a week after, not to mention my bones ached for a good six months. And I got pregnant again, and I have been having nightmares about my delivery, where I feel the pain over and over in my nightmares to the point that I have been having difficulty sleeping. I feel really really scared about delivering, and I get all warm and sweaty just thinking about this. Did anyone go through this, and do you have any tips to sleep through the night without having constant nightmares?


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Oh hugs momma I’m sure things will be ok I will keep you in my prayers n thoughts for a healthy going delivery
I wish I could say more to help calm you

I know it’s a cliche but every pregnancy and delivery is different and you might not have any of those issues this time around. My 2nd birth with my son who’s now 10 was traumatic. It was awful, the pain, the panic, having to have my placenta removed afterwards as it wouldn’t come out, plus the two 2nd degree tears. I was a mess afterwards :sob: but I’ve just had another baby 12 weeks ago and it was a breeze! Easy pregnancy to the point I forgot I even was a lot of the time and the birth was fast, less painful and placenta came out within minutes of him :heart: please try not to panic as you will drive yourself crazy! I worried so much before I went into labour but all was good. I am left with a very achey pelvis but apart from that me and little man are all good :heart_eyes:

You are now being healed from that unclean spirit in Jesus name Amene

This same exact thing is happening to me right now! I can’t use epidural my 3rd was sunny side up after 10 hours they told me I needed a c section I freaked out like a crazy person because I’ll have to be put under my midwife went in and turned him and I had a natural birth but I’m having serious ptsd I’m 36 weeks and losing it

Could you get a doula to support you throughout pregnancy & labour/birth. I know here in NZ some offer mediation ways to acknowledge birth trauma & move through releasing it rather so you aren’t holding onto fear into the next pregnancies etc.

I had severe anxiety with my pregnancies, especially at night. Panic attacks and nightmares. Guided sleep meditation videos helped me sleep some nights. Others I just had to get up and go with it til I was tired. Would it be possible to get an epidural this time? I just delivered and would recommend that to everyone

Get an epidural this time! You don’t feel the pain only pressure

Talk your doctor about the intensity of the anxiety you’re feeling. It’s natural to feel this way after such an intense experience but difficult nonetheless. There may be homeopathic remedies that will help. Also, consider researching trauma therapy techniques. There are exercises and breathing techniques that can help with this. I know it may sound silly but I promise you it works.

I had 3 babies my son was delivered naturally with alot of problems I was worn not to have any more kids but i was only 18 3 yrs later I had a baby girl we both just about died. She was born emergency c-section… I was told again if I had any more kids either the baby or both would die. I didnt plan on having any more i was fine with the 2 miracles god gave me. But god had a different idea, i got pregnant and this time i went evey week to the Dr they watched me so close, but the 3rd baby I had no problems with she was born c-section but only because the dr didnt want to take any risk. My 3 miracle babies will be 25, 23, 20 this yr. So not every pregnancy is they same. I hope all goes well.


Discuss this with your midwife/Dr. I understand this fear. My 2nd delivery was very rough too. Let’s just leave it at 4th degree lacerations and I refused sutures due to an allergic reaction the 1st time. The fear and insomnia is not healthy, but being proactive and discussing this now might help prevent problems later. Prayers for healthy mom and baby.

Ya I missed out on my epidural felt like I was in a living hell I know some women have it easier but I never had another baby a year later my husband got a vasectomy. I still relive that day. My daughter is the best thing in my life but the was the worst day of my life

So ya get an epidural early have a pleasant birth like my sister it was beautiful

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I was doing the same with my third child. I had great deliveries with the other two. So I talked it over with my doctor. He said that since the babies were so close together that was my brain’s way to wrap around it. The delivery again was easy.

I had a similar situation. I was in labor 6 hours with my first one. It was hell but I made it through. With my second one I had to be induced. The Dr. gave me a double dose to start labor and went to dinner. I was screaming from the first contraction till the last. I tore so badly I had to have surgery. I had nightmares for months. Wouldn’t have sex till my husband had a vasectomy. My husband witnessed it all and it took him a while to warm up to the baby. That was a shame. She’s 45 and it feels like yesterday. Never again.

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Please talk to your doctor about this, and make a care plan that you both feel comfortable. There is absolutely no shame in whatever you decide, and once you have a good plan in place, you will be able to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

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Your having Anxiety.
Just because you had trouble with your third doesn’t mean you will this time.
All is going to be fine.
You need to keep yourself busy, to keep your mind off of this.
Staying busy makes you tired also.
Take a good walk before bedtime, something to tire you out, so you’ll sleep better.

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I’m sorry you had a bad experience… you need to talk this over with your Doctor and/or a nurse in the office,have them go over other pain relief options… if you want to go natural then go natural, chances are it won’t happen like this again, praying for you

I had a horrible delivery with my triplets. I had eclampsia and didn’t get to go see them in special care for almost two days because I was in bad shape. I talked to my doctor about my experience and she made sure it was different the second time around with my singleton. He was full term and healthy so she laid him on me right after birth and he never left my side. Point being, talk to your doctor to make a plan of what happened before and how to avoid it this time. This may ease your anxiety.

My daughter had a really hard time with her first baby. With her second one she had nightmares and panic attacks during the day. The second one went great. Fear is a very powerful emotion.