I left my husband and will be giving birth alone: Advice?

Do you have a best friend? A close relative? Your mother?
Any support person is better than nothing.


I am a single mom to 3 kids. My youngest is 2 months and I went through the entire pregnancy alone and he wasn’t present for the delivery. It’s been about 9 months since we have spoke. Honestly the nurses were amazing support, one of them rubbed my back and hips with each contraction and stayed in the room with me when I said I needed her. It’s not easy doing it alone but either way you will still be meeting your sweet baby :heart: if you have another family member you can ask to be with you then do that. Mom, siblings, cousins whoever you are comfortable with


Just remind yourself your strong and can do this…and remember to think about the disrespect and ask yourself how you would want youg kids to see you being treated or how they think they could act towards someone…you got this and dont be scared to let your friends in either…you will feel down and defeated at times but would so be worth it when you arent crying or verbally abused in front of your children…it will be hard for awhile but you got this…your strong and will grow stronger and more empowered as you do raise your babies alone…you also dont have to have him you can include someone you eant and if you dont have them some places have really amazing nurses to help you be strong…you got this momma and deff know your doing the right thing for your state of mind and peace and the future of your kids. Iv hated my kids see me broken down crying due to verbal or physical abuse in a relationship…took me awhile after to stand up and only after the disrespect went towards my kids i stood up…you are doing right and you got this…and if you need just someone to be in spirit this group can really be supportive and im sure when you go into labor and inform the group most the women here can send comforting,empowering,
motivational words to you…reach out to positive energy to stay strong

I’m going through something similar. You need to remember you are strong and brave all on your own!! You can do anything mama. Finding a doula is also a good idea! They are there to support and help you. You got this my dear​:two_hearts::two_hearts:

Im not in ur shoes but good for you. U deserve to b treated with respect and that ur kids see that also. Remember u will have good and bad days. It will be hard, but it will make u strong. Good luck mama!!

Register as anomymous. Tell hospital staff he isn’t allowed there. Hopefully you can lean on your family for support.

Please continue to listen to yourself and do what is best for u. U r worthy of respect and peace. Especially when bringing a baby into the world it is extremely important to not feel any extra stress. It will be special and memorable. I admire u so much. Since they are close in age it will come in handy when they get a bit older meanwhile they may have similar eating and nap schedules which will be helpful.

Take it a day a hour or a minute at a time. Whatever works for you

My 4th and last baby was born in August. My son at the time was 14 months old and I also left their dad while pregnant. Scary and nerve-wracking yes. But it beat the stress and and all the BS I would have endured if I stayed with him. We are doing great and I have a strong team. Find your people, get a great support system, don’t be afraid to cry and breathe if you feel overwhelmed. And don’t sweat the small stuff and focus on your babies. You got this Mama!

It will be extra special with just you and baby!!! Take it all in instead of having to share lol

Just know you won’t be alone, there are plenty of nurses to help you through. Also, do you have a girlfriend that could go with you?? If not, how about an online friend that you can talk to throughout the labor so you don’t feel so alone? I’m sure plenty of moms would be willing to keep you company!


Do it ! Youll be amazing ! Wont tell u its easy cos its not . Take all the help u can. But do what makes you feel happy and safe xxx push forward and see it through xx

If he isn’t abusive and is willing. Let him help. You deserve it and baby deserves a dad.
If you gotta go it alone. Just remember to take yourself along with those babies. You deserve to be happy and they deserve a happy mommy

Trust me once it comes to giving birth all thoughts of doing it on your own will be out the window and all you will be worried about is getting the wee one out , plus if u just explain the the midwives I’m sure you hey will be extra helpful also. As for doing it on your own , don’t think like that , u have already brought one into this world and kept them safe for 11 months so I’m sure u will be fine with another it’s stressful at first but u will manage x

I gave birth in the middle of the pandemic , high lockdown ,with a mask ,in another town , with no transport ,alone and had forgotten my charger for my phone. I had complications and had to get an emergency c section. I live in a little village in mountains and because of lockdown I couldn’t have any one near me. My husband and parents could only drop me off at the entrance. It was the longest ,hardest 5 days of my life. Its my first baby and I felt absolutely clueless. Trust me, it’s going to be hard and stressful. But you know what? I just took a deep breath ,mustered every bit of ounce of courage I could and took one moment at a time. One second after the other and before I knew it I was back home and in my comfort zone. I didn’t care how stupid ,how annoying or how pathetic I looked like. When I had questions ,concerns or anxiety moments I called on the nurses. I asked the ladies around me. I asked until I felt alright. Nurses are there to assist and help you. Just breath and take one moment at a time. Ask for help and they will help where they can. Be kind to yourself and remember the little blessing your about to have. Treasure the small moments baby is happy and sleeping. When you hold him/her the first time. It’s stressful and you wish someone was there but never be afraid to ask for help. Good luck thoughts and prayers your way.


Well I’m here to support you in any way it’s best you love and take care of those kids on your own than them to grow up in abusive toxic situation that could end up fatal

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Be sure to get child support to help you with raising children.

Where are you located?
This Grandma would like to help you!

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Almost anyone on here in proximity to you would be happy to help before, during or after the birth.

YOU CAN DO THIS MAMA!! My 8 year old has never had her father. In her life because he doesn’t want it. She never felt his touch love or even
Admission that she exists.
But she Is still full of love,laughter, and selflove. You got this even though it is the hardest but most rewarding thing you will ever do