I left my husband and will be giving birth alone: Advice?

Allowing him to be present during the birth may lead him to bond with the baby. As women I don’t think we realize that we have nine months to bond and it isn’t fair to th baby if he misses a chance to bond at birth but you must do what you feel is best for you and baby

Hire a Doula, they are an amazing support x

Do you have a good friend/church member/ family member that can stay with you at the hospital? I’m delivering next week, and they asked me who my “support person” will be. They don’t require it to be a husband, it’s just anyone who will be able to stay at the hospital until you are released. But because of COVID, they just have to stay in the hospital the entire time.

I’m not in similar shoes, but I will pray for you from one mother to another. I really hope things go well for you and the new baby. And that you can find a good support. If you are not a member of a local church, it’s never too late to reach out. My church community has been a huge blessing to myself and other mothers in my community.

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Do you have a parent, sibling, or best friend that could be with you when you deliver the baby? I think they’re just allowing one “support” person; it doesn’t have to be a significant other.
As far as raising your children on your own; file for child support, and if you feel comfortable letting the father have the kids, then give him visitation rights as well. Just because you and he aren’t together doesn’t mean he isn’t responsible for your children.


I had my best friend come to the hospital with me and he was nice about even though it was 2am and I almost threw up on his shoes. I say close friends are always the way to go; as for raise 2 close in age once they get to the point where they can play together they’ll entertain each other for hours my kids for a plastic pringles can funny for 2 hours one day it gets easier as they get old enough to play

Maybe ask a friend or relative to be birthing partner?

Also you dont have to do it alone if they have a dad he can help …

Give it to god girly u are powerful u can do it u dont need that stressful shit in your life or the babies life so make sure u get child support from him

I had my first baby alone. Everyone in the delivery room was so helpful and understanding. Don’t be scared, you are stronger then you think. Good luck

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Perhaps a family member or close friend.
On another note, I’m so sorry you are going through this and I wish you a speedy healthy delivery and the health of your baby.
You are strong, you are beautiful and you can do this :heart:
Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

It looks rough but you are strong and will get through this. Hopefully family will step in and stand by you. You got this girl.

I just went thru this. My son stayed with family and my best friend was there with me while I had my baby girl

My sister was with me I left x when I was Prego as well

You are only required to do what’s best for you! Nothing else needs to be said…

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I have so much respect for you. You are so brave and doing what is best for your children. I have 6 children and 2 children, I chose to have on my own. You got this :muscle:. Dont focus on being alone focus on all the Joy’s of having your new baby! Dont let anyone take a moment of that excitement away from you. Congratulations and wishing you the best.


Oh my gosh, what a hard road you’re on. I just want to send positive thoughts and love. You Can do this. It will get easier. Good on you for choosing strength and perseverance. :heart: Your kiddos will benefit from that choice. Take it day by day, and try not to get too overwhelmed with the what ifs. In regards to any court/custody stuff record Everything to do with Dad, particularly if you’re scared of what he may do. I’m so sorry you’re struggling. :heart::heart::heart: I wish I had better advice. All I can say is make it very clear to doc/nurses/family your birth plan, and confirm that they Will follow no matter what. Most likely they will for the health of you and your baby.

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It’s scary at first, but then you get into the routine of things. It’s doable and honestly not as exhausting and scary as people make it seem. As long as you remember to make sure all of your needs are met, yours included, you will be just fine!

For everyone say unless hes abusive need to stop shes obviously left for a reason. Birth is hard enough with out having to deal with the stress of someone you left. She needs someone who can support and encourage her not stress her out. He can be a father later


Sorry, but a woman needs to be in her best frame of mind to deliver a baby. If he’s done some stuff that affects her mental well-being and causes her any sadness then he shouldn’t be present. Come once the babies delivered. :woman_shrugging:t3: xx

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You are never alone giving birth, especially not in a hospital. The doctors, midwives, and nurses are all going to be there for you in a positive and supportive way. Good luck :heart:


Girl! The only thing you “need” a man for is to conceive! Women were built to withstand obstacles! You’ve got this! Your body was literally designed to procreate! It’s a natural process!!! Trust your providers! Lean on your friends!! Be a lioness!! You are made by God for this task! It’s in your DNA!!! Tap into that!! And be a woman!!!