I left my husband due to abuse, when is it acceptable to see other people?

I left my husband towards the beginning of the year, due to him pushing me around and other stuff going on. From that point,I have managed to save money and get my own place, and I’m doing great. I am the happiest I have ever been to. I did mess up and met up with him and gave him 20.00 and some food due to him being on drugs. My question is, Can I see other people? I have not lived with him since February. I have heard different stories as too I can’t because he can get me from adultery, then I heard I can as long as I haven’t lived with him. I’m ready to move on and have fun.


if he’s on drugs and abusive cut all ties and file for divorce IMMEDIATELY. stop enabling his addiction and save that money for yourself. as far as moving on you do that when never you feel comfortable and ready!


Are you still married?? If so get that paperwork going then go enjoy yourself.


When the first contact he made was over, that nullifys the relationship.I would get out all your pent up aggression on your next bf because stats go with the one after a rebound as the winner.

Adultery is handled different in every state. MOST states don’t go down that path. I know NC just had a case though.

I would simply file for divorce. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Check with your county and see if they have a law library. Many do free clinics that will help you pull the documents together.


The day you left you could but you really should wait until you’re divorced.

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Most states no longer recognize adultery. You could ask a local legal aid though to find out. File for divorce and see who you want.

Do you have children? If so they should come first. No introducing your kids to men for a while. Just concentrate on you being happy. Getting stronger. Putting the tough times behind you etc.

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If you can’t afford a divorce right now go to the courts and file as legally separate

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He would have to have money to do anything in court and it sounds like he doesnt

Im sorry adultery? I dont understand is that like illegal or sum? Im only 22 so im just legit asking lol

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Why not take your time? I waited 2 years before I started dating after my 24 year marriage. I left him. I wanted to know what I wanted out of life. Regroup and know who I was & what I can do differently if I ever married again. What’s the rush?

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If you have filed for divorce and been out of the house ?? 6 months I see no problem with dating if you find a nice guy


Get divorced. Get centered. Dick is abundant and of low value


Do whatever makes you happy!

Honestly wait til divorce is final. Less drama and less attachments.


I tend not to date for a long time after a break up. I take years because I enjoy being single.

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Don’t get in a new relationship until YOU feel ready. Clear your head and make sure you have worked through the pain so you dont put that trouble on someone else. They can’t fix you, only you can.


Check the law /rules in the state you live in. Most lawyers will give you a consult for free . Start your paperwork ,but know the law…good luck !


Honestly, I wouldn’t. You need to be divorced and take time for yourself. Don’t rush in.