I lost a child to trisomy 18 and need some reassurance

I just found out I’m pregnant with my 3rd after losing my 2nd to trisomy 18. i know that the chances of something like that happening again are very slim but I’m still worried. i just need some assurance that everything will be ok. has anyone dealt with anything similar?


I’m going to pray for you dear.

Everything will be ok. Don’t allow those negative thoughts to consume your mind. Your faith makes the word in heaven come down to earth.

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In my experience it’s very rare. I work in the prenatal lab that tests for this and Down’s syndrome.

One of my friends lost her daughter to this, unfortunately such a sad thing to happen, however she has now got an 8month old son who’s pregnancy was relatively strait forward. I am not going to say relax as you won’t be able to do this. Good luck! X

I’m so sorry to hear that. Edward’s syndrome is not a common thing but I understand how scared you are will be. You will be monitored so so closely this time. They will be looking out for the markers straight away. I hope you get a happy ending this time.

No words will help you at this time. Take each day at a time.

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Saying prayers for you and your unborn baby!

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I lost my son to SUDEP on his first birthday, never had another child even though I’d wanted more before he died. I was too scared of the same thing happening. I can only imagine how you feel. My advice is to pray.

I think how you’re feeling is completely normal. After my daughter had a miscarriage and got pregnant again, my best advice to her was “Let go amd let God.” Or if you’re not religious, take it one day at a time. ((HUGS))

Life has taught me that every person is different and every pregnancy is different. It IS a frightening time but only if you let negative thoughts spoil what should be a precious time. I tried for ten years to get pregnant and when I finally did, I was overjoyed. Sadly I lost the pregnancy at almost 13 weeks…just as I was about to share my good news. Two years later, with the help of fertility drugs, I became pregnant again…sadly once again, I miscarried at 7 weeks, only to discover a week later that there was another pregnancy in my tube. It was removed by emergency surgery at 8 weeks. That’s when it was discovered I had 4th stage Endometriosis which required further surgery. After the surgery, which removed two thirds of both my ovaries along with a lot of other repairs, I was told I would never have any children, which was very hard to hear. However I thought, if I can’t raise my own children, then I would go to teaching college and help raise other children, at least in the classroom. Two years into college I found out I was pregnant!!! My wonderful son was born perfect and is now 28 years old. Following his delivery I was told AGAIN that I would never have any more children…Guess what? I had my perfect daughter three years later. She is now a beautiful 25 year old young woman. The reason for my long story is to show you how all the worrying in the world, all the warnings in the world and all the hurdles in the world, will not change what is meant for you. My dreams of motherhood came true when I let go of all fears and just took one day at a time. Congratulations on your pregnancy, enjoy every moment and trust in nature to do its best xx

Have you talked to a genetic counselor? I think that’s where you should start. You’ll get alot more support and reassurance from a professional. God bless you. I’m so sorry for your lost.


Look up Shelby’s story. She has it. Her mom has had twins after having Shelby and they are fine.

My daughter has a trisomy boy and another boy just 16 months later if you follow this example you are going to give birth to a highly intelligent child. Don’t worry.

No I never lost a baby.but question is are.u tired? Do you have nausea certain.thoughts.of food make you sick believe it.or.not.thesr are.sign your.pregnancy.is going well make sure you are.following.up with.your doctor very.important.these are concerns you should be taking.up with.your doctor good luck

Hi! My names Christina, and I lost my son Jace 6 years ago. He had trisomy 18. I now have a 3 year old son who is very healthy. It’s very rare for it to happen again but a geneticist can test you for Gene’s. You will most likely be monitored a lot more and will have a blood test taken early on to see if your baby has it this time around, if not. Request one. As long as your doctor knows about it. Head up momma.
The way you feel during pregnancy has nothing to do with it. I never had morning sickness or anything. Never felt pregnant at all til i started showing at about 6-7 months with mynain who had T18… Hugs!! If you want to talk, feel free to message me.

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PRAYERS and have Faith!! Hugs​:heart::heart::pray::pray:

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remember the word SLIM chance when it pops into your head! Enjoy this pregnancy, it goes so fast and you’ll want the memories. Congrats and Best Wishes !