I lost my sex drive: Advice?

Did any of you lose your sex drive after having a baby? And if so, what did you do about it? My daughter is two, so At first, I thought it was hormones and whatnot, and I’d level out after a few months, but that was two years ago. In December/January, I thought it might have something to do with my PPD meds (Wellbutrin), so I stopped taking it, but still no change. I never had a problem with sex drive before, and I’m 25 if age matters at all. Thanks, ladies!


Are you on the pill?

For me it just changes a lot and it can suck! The only things that I’ve found to help was less meds and obviously no meds was best but that’s just not always realistic for everybody so it’s something you’d have to work with your dr’s on and then, exercise. It can be so hard to keep up with fr😫 and I am far from some hard core workout fanatic or anything lol but when I do do some exercise it seems to help me want to🤷‍♀️ Also BC can really affect your sex drive too but again, it’s not realistic to just say you’re not gonna do it anymore lol. We ended up going the vasectomy route but it took a while and before I was able to get my IUD removed the exercise thing seemed to help. Hell there was a period where I was like begging him for it every day, so like I said, for me, it’s up and down

Girl I completely understand my son is almost 1 year old and I am right there with you!

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Yes I lost sex drive after both children
After the first I didn’t have any sex drive for almost three years
And after the second it’s still low after 17 month PP
But I notice the more exercise I get the better my drive is


I’m 2 months post partum and feeling the same. I got the deposhot and am being told that might be it.

Same girl. I have a 4 and 2 year old. I lost almost all interest after my first was born. :sob: I’m also on the pill though, I’ve heard that takes a toll on everything and I’m only 23.


Same here. What was happening for us was we were just wham bam thank you mamming it cuz life lol. But we’ve slowed down and started taking time for some foreplay and making out which has helped a lot.

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Following! My little ones are 3 2 and 2 months I had a c section december 10th. I Thought that eventually my sex drive would come back but it still hasnt and its starting to cause problems in my relationship because he thinks its him :pensive: its really not but idk whats going on with me im not on any birth control I had my tubes tied and I’m 20 so i just really dont get it :unamused:

This pregnancy ive had no sex drive, im terrified i wont after baby comes either. I miss it, but i dont want it. If that makes any sense :weary: ive never in my life felt this way

Maca root can help! It helps it made my husband and I both be more in the mood! Research it!

I noticed my bc takes a huge toll on me and walking is helping I walk at least.5 miles a day. I ditched the bc I want 1 more kid. But hes getting clipped after.

Fatigue and stress can effect sex drive and let’s be real, until they sleep though the night, off the boob and potty trained, we are all stressed and tired.

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I look at my husband all the time and think “I really should tag that more often”
And then I don’t.
And then I feel bad for him.


I thought I lost my sex drive. Turned out I just didn’t like my ex :woman_shrugging:


My son is 7 an mine was fine after having him but my little girl will be two next month an i have none what so ever now an idk how to fix it either. It seems more painful now too. Im not on any birth control either.

After my daughter was born I got on the depo shot and lost my sex drive from it. I stopped taking it 6 months PP, and it immediately came back.

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Your hormones and effects of ppd can last years. Maybe try getting a birth control that limits your periods/makes them stop for longer periods of time. Every month you have to have your period your hormones go up and down…so the less periods you have the more steady your hormones stay and then you keep yourself level for longer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just learned this from my new OB. It’s worth a try in my opinion.

Yes I lost mine basically third trimester and my babe is almost three months now and it hasn’t changed. I want nothing to do with sex.

I’m 26 and had my tubes tied at 21 and still a very low sex drive my husband complains all the time about it :unamused::unamused:

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