I lost the desire to be intimate since I gave birth: Advice?

Our son is about to turn four months, and we have yet to have sex. When I was pregnant up until now, I have lost all desire to do it. He has expressed his feelings that we will have to separate if I can’t do it. I’m caught between just leaving or staying so our son’s parents will be together. How can I get that desire back, or should I just go because I can’t change my mind?


Go see your doctor it’s a common problem after birth and is probably a hormone imbalance


It’s a pretty normal thing that you’re going thru

Yup go see your doctor.

I had zero sex drive until I did the actual deed with my husband and then things “woke up”.


Echo what everyone said- check hormones and thyroid

4 months and he’s threatening to leave you? Girl let the trash take itself out.


4 month old baby- you’re tired. Give it time. Hand works too.

It comes back. When you’ve had a chance to sleep 8 hours a night for a few months.

No, it’s your body going through hormone changes.

Chat with your doctor and a divorce lawyer. He needs to go if he can’t wait till you’re ready. Been there. Done that. He cheated multiple times while I was struggling with PPD. Not worth it mama. Trust me.


For him to want to leave because you can’t be intimate is absurd. Maybe you should go to the dr, get it figured out and leave him!


Can be caused by your birth control or other reasons. I’ve lost all of my sex drive and haven’t “had any” in over a month… closer to 2 honestly.

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Seems to early for that kind of talk from him… very insensitive of him. That kind of attitude wouldn’t turn me on either. If it means that much to you. Use your hand to please him and leave your hooha out of it.


See a Dr or Maybe just try to do it & see if that kind of wakes your libido up! A lady above said it worked for her but I’ve also heard similar stories where they had to just jump in & it was a nice wet ride from there on out!:rofl:


It happens
Take your time
And let the asshole go he made clear that he dont really care about you he selfish

There could be any number of reasons why you don’t feel the want to anymore. You should go see your doctor but I would be hesitant to remain with someone that took issue with no sex for 4 months. Sex drive will change over time for everyone for multiple reasons and if he can’t show some sympathy then maybe he should find someone willing to do what he wants.


Your child is only 4 months old. This is actually perfectly normal and the fact that your partner is acting like this about it says volumes about him.


The man is 100% not selfish for having needs. :woman_shrugging:t2: id go see a doctor.


anybody that respects you that understands what’s your body just went through would not put an ultimatum on whether or not if you have sex with them they will leave or stay. he already gave you his answer he does not respect you and he only wants sex I would leave

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I think it’s pretty shitty of him just to say y’all should split before other options have been gone through but on the other hand you shouldn’t just down right to refuse to do anything what’s wrong with trying something (maybe not vaginal related) to see if things spark back up? I’m a mom so I feel where your coming from but I wouldn’t be in a sexless relationship either :woman_shrugging:t4: