I miss my ex sister in law: Should I reach out to her?

So my ESL was with my brother for nine years we had a very close relationship acutely we were more like sisters told each other everything went out for girls nights etc. She had a son from a previous relationship, and he calls me aunt because that’s how I treat him like my nephew. Mind you; she has two children with my brother. Well back to her and my brother they separated, it was a nasty one. But I stayed by her side. I know how my brother can be, and I supported her. Well, she meets this new guy and eight months later married him. I guess he’s the jealous type my SIL told me while they were just dating. He thought it was weird. We had a really close relationship. He doesn’t like her talking to me, hanging out with me, etc. Thinks it’s weird she allowed my nephew to stay over, I’d babysit him, etc. Well, now she won’t speak to me at all. My nephews from my brother visit because he gets them every other week. But it makes me sad. Today was my nephews (her son from the previous marriage) birthday I texted her and asked if I could take him for ice cream and give him his gift, and she never responded. She doesn’t text or calls me like she used to. I’m not jealous at all. I actually congratulated her on her new marriage. I’m just hurt and sad that our friendship I feel is over, and I can’t see my precious nephew anymore. Should I just cut her out like deleting her off FB and delete her number basically cut her out of my life and move on? Or should I try to reach out to her? I don’t want to make her new husband upset or uncomfortable or upset with her.


You should reach out.

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By the sounds of the husband she will need you one day.


I would reach out just let her know your there no matter what you never know what goes on behind closed doors and she may need you one day. At least then she knows she could come to you. Try catching her for a chat without her new husband that’s just my opinion anyway x

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I went through this same thing with a close friend of mine after years of her ignoring me unless she just wanted something from me I finally cut her out completely

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I think you need to reach out and tell her what you just told us.

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Reach out, my ex husband & I have been divorced for over 15 yrs & I still chat with his kids & on occasion his mom. His 1st wife & I chat occasionally as well. It’s not taboo to still be friends


If you haven’t already tried talking to her maybe try to reach out to her and explain your feelings?

I wouldn’t cut her out just let her know you are always there and you love her and her nephews! When my parents got divorced my aunt and grandma (dads side) and mom stayed friends :heart:

I lost my very best friend bc her husband didn’t like me. In the end she allowed it. Move on. Ironically I was the one that set them up :woman_shrugging:t3:


I feel like she’s not reaching out because of her new husband, not because she doesn’t want to. Being the bigger person and allowing that open door for communication and family relationships are few and far between these days. If it doesn’t stress you or place too much an emotional toll on you, then I’d say keep it open. The fact you’re asking an Internet forum means you love and care about her and her babies, you’re a very sweet person and very thoughtful. With love and time, I hope y’all will get your relationship back!


One last, i love you if you ever need me I’ll be here. Keep that door open. As the ladies above said theres a very real chance shes gonna need you


Can’t see why not reach out to her x

Honestly, I would let it go for now. I more concerned about the kids at this point. From the sounds of it she’s an abused woman and your brother may want to make sure his kids are okay living in that type of situation.


Obviously didnt pic a much better husband


Sounds like you did reach out and she ignored you… Time to move on


No worries. She will contact you when that psycho takes it too far.

She already cut you off, do the same?
She could have at least responded to the text saying no, rather than ignoring you.
Let her be, you have pride too


Reach out :heart::heart::heart: my mom stayed “family” w my dads side of the my family.

This happened to me I eventually moved on…U can’t make some one like u…husband sounds controlling…