I need advice about NG tubes

I need advice. My daughter is 14 months old and is on an NG tube. I have been trying to add calories to her diet. I tried a tiny spoon, but she absolutely hates the texture of baby food always has. I thought about trying yumi. Has anyone used yumi or tiny organics? I need to use a food service since her calorie intake has to be monitored extremely close.

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Do you use formula or a blended diet for the tube feeds? You can pm if you would like. I can help you with some resources :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have you tried making it at home?

Christina Wastell Joseph?
Chris Marcou Eighmey?
Rebecca Wharton Peil?

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It’s weird but what about a popsicle? Like puree banana’s and freeze or even peanut butter and banana! I am sure you have other flavors that people love! Good luck fellow Mama! You can do this!