I Need Advice About Using Tampons: Help!


"When you’re on your cycle and wear tampons, how do you stop getting your panties soaking wet with urine?

Every time I pee with a tampon in, obviously, my tampon string gets soaked with pee. What do y’all do? I wear panty liners, but they are so uncomfortable for me. Any other tips?"

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“You do not need to change your tampon every time you pee like some people are suggesting. You simply need to move the tampon string out of the way.”

“No you don’t need to change it every time, they can stay for hours in place. After using the bathroom, just pat the string dry.”

“Or change the tampon when you go to the bathroom.”

“HOLD ON, I was taught you change your tampon/pad EVERY TIME you use the bathroom. if you go to the bathroom a lot, use a smaller size so it’s not uncomfortable to take it. I legit thought every female was taught this way.”

“Um you move the string out of the way when you pee?”

“I always change mine whenever I go to the bathroom… try that.”

“Wow… so many negative comments for someone just asking a question. I personally could not change every time I pee bc after three kids there’s no way. I pee every 2 seconds it seems lol.”

“Am I the only one that just holds the string to the side to avoid the pee?”

“Hold the string out of the way. And no. I do not change it every time I pee. Quite often, ill wake up, pee/change my tampon, drink my coffee, and have to pee again in 30 minutes.”

“Just hold the string forward. Ignore the people saying it’s gross to not change it every time you pee. Tampons are expensive. You don’t have to change it every time you go. As long as you pat/wipe dry, and wash your hands, there’s no reason why you can’t just hold the string forward if you know you don’t need to change your tampon yet.”

" All of you who say you change every time you pee must have heavy flows or loads of money. Tampons are expensive, at least the good kind are. Lightly tug and if it comes out then change it otherwise hold the string back and pee. If I take it out too soon it hurts. Now for #2, I take it out before you go. I just forget all that and I use a cup. One time charge and take out as much or little as you please!"

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Um you move the string out of the way when you pee??


Move the string out of the line of urine

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How do you get pee on a tampon?! It should be far enough up your vagina to be no where near your urethra. Or do you mean the string?

Move the string before you pee

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Or change the tampon when you go to the bathroom


If you cant comfortably hold the string out of the way tuck the string up into the outer lips before you pee…its like god made us a little string holder lol, i works everytime for me. Untuck the string when your done or else it will be uncomfortable lol


Move the string or change missiles, lol


Yep make sure that string is tucked somewhere lol, and if it gets too sopping just change ya product fir a fresh one


I bleed heavy so I change them every time I pee


Am I the only one who changes their tampon everytime I use the restroom?!


Change your tampon when you go to the bathroom


I change mine everytime I pee


I change my tampon every time I go to the bathroom


Uh you change the tampon after you pee.

I change mine every time I use the toilet, but I bleed heavily

I always change mine when I peed

I change my tampon everytime i use tye bathroom.

What the hell did I just read …


I always take it out when I use the bathroom!! Only time I’ve peed with it is when I use to drink haha an meeeee to be every 2 mins an got sick a putting a new one in… because there’s not way to avoid it from soaking up peee… it’s gross.