I quit my job because my manager put his hands on me: Was I wrong?

So I just quit my job because my manager on Monday night put his hands on me, and they did an investigation and said they saw him on camera grab me and will do nothing about it because me and a cook were going at it because the cook told 2 other servers “mind your business b****” & asked me “what the F are you gonna do about it?” I was yelling and was unprofessional of me, but the big boss says my manager was ALLOWED to grab me by my arm and dig his fingers into my shoulder out of anger because I was “unresponsive” to my manager YELLING at me. Mind you this man is about 6’3. I’m 5’2. I quit because how is my manager allowed to lay a hand on me? Me and the cook weren’t even near each other we had a whole pass bar between us. Just need some advice


Absolutely not. He needs to keep his hands to himself. Go for unemployment you’ll win & I would go after the manager legally.

That is a lawsuit…

Lawyer! Now! Before they delete the tape


Absolutely not cool. Report to BBB and local police

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Thats a lawsuit get a lawyer he can not put his hands on you no matter what


Coming from another server. If you were out of control then yes he had a reason. He was removing you from the situation. He was being a manager.


Well there you go. You were a fool and you got what you deserved. Simple


Make a police report for assault


No way should any one put their hands on you for any reason


Lawyer…Get the video somehow will help your case


Call the police and get a lawyer


Call the police and file a report so they can get the video before the manager destroys it!! Then call a lawyer and file for unemployment. He had absolutely no right to put his hands on you!!


Should have beat his ass

Oh no! Call the cops and press charges. They will want to watch the tapes. Yes, you aren’t innocent, but he is not allowed to do that!

Filed lawsuits and take them to court dont let them try changed your mind that’s how they do!!!

So you’re allowed to get out of control and no one can stop you? Awesome LOL Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


Also go to the er and get any finger marka or scratches everything documented. Then go to the police station and file a report

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No one is allowed to lay hands on you…file a police report for battery

Always always always more to the story when I see this type of stuff. :unamused: