I really need help with my toddlers behavior: Advice?

Mums, I need your help, please!! I have three under three kids, and I’m struggling with their behavior. I have a 3yr old boy and an almost 2yr old boy that drive me crazy (i love all me kids don’t get me wrong). No matter what I do when they have been naughty, they don’t listen or learn. I’ve tried the naughty chair, sending them to their room, separated them both. I tried talking calmly, and times I have yelled because I’ve had enough. I don’t know what to do. Everything I do, they don’t listen and keep acting up. They have a routine we play, and I try and spend as much time as I can with all of them, but the boys make it so hard. I feel like I’m a broken record telling them the same thing over and over, but once ita a new day, it’s like their memory gets wiped clean. I’m asking if any other mums can give me advice on what to do on how to teach them and things like that. Please don’t judge me if you’re going to post negative things I don’t wish for you to comment I don’t need that right now.


I have the same problem with my two year old.

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At some point the yelling doesn’t work, they just tune you out. I only had one boy but he was a handful (he is 23 now) and I used the old standby “123 Magic” It really is retraining YOU on how to react instead of the kids but if you put this into practice it will work.


You are not alone!! Keep up on the time out chair or rooms. Even if you have to repeat yourself every day. Some may say have one on one alone time with each child. Award when good. Good luck.

Parenting thru Love and Logic works too. I had to laugh when my then teenagers started using it on my new (then )husband and his kids.

I had 3 kids in 4 years, it’s never easy but I did the 3 strikes…1 tell them, 2 yell, 3 punish ( take things away, time outs ect) if they fight separate them. Never never never threaten a punishment and not follow through. P.S. it gets easier as they get older.


How about spanking them? That works


I had three boys in 37 months (it was a chaotic time). My most creative punishment that worked was when they were arguing or fighting was to sit them in chairs facing each other until they could tell the other three things they liked about the other. They hated that so much at the time! Other then that, I really didn’t punish. If they plugged a toilet/sink, dumped a bag of flour, finger painted walls, markered each other, threw a jar of baby food in the grocery store; they were responsible for the clean up or apologizing or being my assistant while it was cleaned up. Even a two year old can get a plunger, wash a wall, carry some laundry… Have patience!

It will be exhausting at first, but stay consistent with whatever you choose.


Thats it thats all

No advice for you but I could have wrote this myself… the only difference I have a 3 year old boy and 2 year old twins and I’m losing my mind trying to get them to behave. Its impossible. I end up in tears most days as they won’t stop fighting and hurting each other :sob::sob::sob::sob:

I learned with mine to put his toys in time out (on top of the fridge). Worked WAY better than trying to put him in time out. More effective. He then had to earn it back.

1 2 3 Magic book by Dr. Thomas Phelon, i think i spelled it right. Works wonders.

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Do they like rewards or prizes? I bought a cardboard treasure chest and put in toys my son would like. I made a chart and he was rewarded for his good behavior. If behaves badly, he received one warning that he would lose a sticker. In the beginning, it would be after 5 stickers, he could pick a prize from the “treasure chest”. You want to keep them engaged in the reward system and reward them often, but not often enough that it’s not worth it to misbehave. Good luck!

Positive behavior support… look it up… or a fly swat!!!


I raised four and my last two were a year apart. First of all I hate to tell you but you have several more years of this behavior. They are two and three thier retention is limited. The things you have tried are not wrong they just may not work at thier age level. I will also tell you that they are smart and manipulative and if they pick up on your desperation you are lost. Time outs are good, limiting access to favorite toys works also and the yelling only in extreme situations because they basically get used to it and it loses affect. I will also recommend a tap on the hand or legs every so often does not hurt but use it wisely because they become immune to it and you want respect not fear. Suerte and remember when you are stressed take some time for yourself sometime they just misbehave because you are there all the time. Nothing wrong with you taking a break when you are stressed.

I mean this in the nicest way I know how to say it. Have you ever consider parenting class? Children don’t come with instructions. Maybe you can learn through there some of the tricks of the trade. No one ever said it was going to be easy to be a parent. You have 3 and they are so young. Just a thought.

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Consistently. I had 5 under 8.

Bribery is your best friend :wink:

I work at a daycare. In the 3-year-old room. We have 20 kids. By no means am I giving you advice that will absolutely work. I’m just commenting to let you know that no matter what method you use, and only you know your children well enough to figure out which method…it takes 30 days of consistency and follow through to really see some changes. And by that I mean, you can’t assume something isn’t working for you because of a few bad days. No matter what you are trying to teach them, and reprimand them for, you will get pushed back! They will fight the authority! Stand firm and know that a few tantrums are so worth well behaved children.