I recentley found out my daughter is cutting: Please help!

Please post anonymous, but recently I discovered my daughter cutting herself; we talked about, and I thought we got through it. I check her arms daily for a while, then let it be and went to max three days. I just checked literally a few mins ago, and she has done it again. I am so lost being a single mom with her being 11, almost 12, and a son just turned 8. I split time(weekends) with her father; he does not know about this. It is a touchy subject. We lost my mother in 2018, which was a huge loss. I am worried about her safety and at the same time worried about the effects of going to the hospital versus dr I am really just lost and worried.


Get her into therapy asap. Once cutting isnt enough, she will go bigger.

She needs therapy right away.

She definitely needs to see a therapist or a psychologist… she will most likely be so angry with you, but as a momma we have to do what’s best for our children regardless of how they feel about it at the time.

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She needs help asap. So sorry your going through that. I can’t imagine.

Get her to gp ASAP she needs specialist help bless her good luck x

I say try therapy and maybe a touchy subject but I would speak to her dad in private to find a easy way to handle it

You all suffered a traumatic event with the loss of your mother and grandmother. Please get her into counseling. Look to see for someone who specializes in adolescents.

Make sure you check her stomach and thighs also when I was young I knew a girl who did it there so parents would not know

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Counseling is the only thing that saved me. Possibly an inpatient stay!!! It seems like such a hush hush issue but this is something EVERYONE needs to be involved in in order for her to get better.

She needs some intense therapy ASAP! To help her deal with whatever it is and learn some healthy coping skills

Take her to a psychologist… (psychologist not a psychiatrist)

Try counseling and therapy, so she has an outlet and maybe it can give you insight as to why she feels she needs to cut. I have delt with this personally and we found out why and she needed medication to help mood disorders and depression.

My daughter cut at the same age and it was scary. We took her to counseling and she got on depression medicine temporarily. The counselor gave her a rubber band and told her every time she wanted to cut to snap herself with it, it worked after a while.

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Worried about taking her to a dr?! The other option is her dying so as a mom, I would choose the hospital. Put her on a 72hr hold and then go from there. This isn’t something that is fixed from a discussion and checking her arms.

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I’ve dealt with this with my own daughter. She will definitely need counseling and I would recommend telling her father. He has a right to know

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Definitely get her some counseling and outside mental health help. Often children or teens aren’t going to wanna divulge the reasoning or pain in there hearts to there parents. I used to do that when I was 14 and got into counseling and got depression medication to help cope and get over my depression and anxiety. I hope she gets help and doesn’t continue to self harm.

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Therapy ASAP. Speaking from personal experience…it can be addictive.


Please get her a therapist immediately. I’d take her in today and see if you can get an emergency therapy appt.

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Love her w all you have! Cutting is so hard to stop… its just like any other addiction… i went thru it in my teenage years and even in my 20s and i still have the urges to do it n im 33. Remove all you can that she can utilize to cut herself… and as everyone else has mentioned get her to a dr asap and also allow for her father to know whats going on so he can watch her closely when shes with him.

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Counseling is a must. Poor sweetie.

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