I said something I regret to my girlfriend: How can I fix it?

So I need help. I honestly made a mistake. My girlfriend and I have kids together. We both work and help each other taking care of these kids. My girlfriend works to go to school and take care of the house and all of us. Well, we got into a fight because she was doing something, and I was asking for her attention and joining us in watching a movie. She said she’d be a few, but she needs to finish homework and a few house things. Well, by the time she finished, the kids were asleep, and I got mad. I yelled at her and told her that she should have dropped everything to spend time with the kids and done the homework earlier. Well, right now, she locked herself in the other bedroom, and I heard her crying. I feel like crap because it hit me on that she deals with everything and never gets a min to herself. How can I fix this because she’s crying her eyes out and it’s bad enough she doesn’t get enough rest, and I’m worried.


Admit to her face to face that you were an asshole who didnt think before he talked :woman_shrugging:

Tell her you now realize the extent of what you said and sincerely apologize and hug her and appreciate her.


Apologize and give her a hug, hugs always help


Apologize to her, tell her you appreciate everything she does for y’all’s home and kids and that you’re proud of her for getting her stuff done. Then maybe surprise her and take her for a pedicure or bring her breakfast in bed or something nice she’d like to show her your appreciation


Tell her exactly what you wrote :slight_smile:


Give that women a hug and make the kids and her breakfast. You have acknowledged you’re faults time to be the bigger person.


Talk to her and apologize. Let her sleep in and let her go out and do whatever she wants. Make sure she understands that you didn’t mean what you said and make her know that everything she does is appreciated

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Tell her you were wrong!! Apologize, and explain!!!

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Do the house work? Can’t you do the stuff also? She needs a break from everything.


Honestly the fact that you took it to write this in here just to ask for help and what you can do shows that you really care for her. Go buy her favorite snack or drink and maybe some flowers. But don’t let her go to sleep before you apologize. Never go to sleep being mad at one another always make amends before.


some things just seem self-evident . . . pick up the slack more around the house. Do more so she can rest. Take your own advice - you said she should have done homework earlier, perhaps you can get up earlier to do some of the housework she’s been doing.
I see no mystery . . .


Get her a cheap bouquet of flowers and apologize and tell her to go take a hot bath and relax. She probably already feels like she doesn’t do enough or spend enough time with the kiddos. Explain that you were wrong and your super sorry.

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Actually telling her anything sounds like a lame approach. How about you roll up your sleeves and do some of the housework so she can get a break and focus on her schooling. You sound like a sweetheart and she’s lucky you care but feelings get hurt and it takes changed behavior to heal them. At least for me it does. Good luck!


And remind her how proud you are of her for being so dedicated to her education. It requires some sacrifices now but in the end finishing school provides a better opportunity for the whole family. Let her know you understand it’s not easy and you want to support her.


Sincerely apologize. Let her know you value her contributions to the kids, your home and your life. Lots and lots of hugs. Make it a point once or twice a month to cook dinner for her or send her off to get a mani/pedi. If money is an issue, watch some YouTube videos on home pedicures and offer to give her one.

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Ok well you have stuffed up and been really insensitive but you are man enough to acknowledge it. Write her a love note and tell her how wonderful she is, how she is amazing and what an insensitive moron you were and you’re so sorry. If u can afford it, go get her a voucher to go get her hair done and tell her you’ll mind the kids whilst she has some me time.

Apologize and give her as day to herself !

Apologize and do the house work for her.

Go to that door and beg for forgiveness but if you say sorry than you better not do it again because that’s what an apology means