I stuggle getting my toddler to bed: Advice?

My daughter is 2, almost 3. She drinks milk in a bottle 90 percent of the time refuses cups. When I mean, she will cry for HOURS, I mean hours. I get her to eat here and there but not enough. Bedtime is another ballpark, she has a toddler bed now, and she will take hours to go to bed. I caved and gave her the tablet and bottle with milk at bedtime, and she has just not been sleeping through the night. I don’t have a clue what to do anymore. I’m exhausted. Her toys are all in her room, so I wanted to take all those out at least start there but other than that, I don’t know how to make her relax. Any help would be amazing. Let me know if anyone else had a persistent toddler that will scream and throw fits for hours if not given what they want. I’m starting to feel like I’m not good enough of a mom.


Stay consistent to a bedtime routine. It helps a lot if they know what to expect! This is ours.

7:00 Clean up Toys & dim lights in house
7:30-8:00 Bedtime TV & small snack
8:00 brush teeth & potty
8:15- 8:30 read books in bed with dim lighting and calm voices
8:30 Lights Out and bedtime


It’s time for you to take back control of that situation. She is a child and you are an adult. Let her pitch a fit for hours. Walk away. Then Offer her a cup of milk. A bottle at 3 is ridiculous.


Try using lavender body lotion before bed, when getting ready to tuck the little one in for the night, make a ritual of reading a book and give them 1 of your shirts to sleep with. Maybe having your smell on clothing close by with comfort them enough to sleep better.

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First of all, YOU’RE GOOD ENOUGH! :slight_smile: my daughter went through this a couple times. Once when she was about your daughters age and one about a year ago. Literally just stain by consistent by putting her in her bed and back her bed when she got up did it. I had to cuddle her to sleep A LOT but consistency was key. I tried putting a tv in her room and she wouldn’t go to sleep until like 10p. So I took that away. Maybe also ask and see if she’s having nightmares.

And, try to wean her off the bottle so you don’t mess up her teeth. Have to be consistent and let her know no more.


Benadryl, not kidding


She will break from it if the milk isn’t bothering you she will give it up eventually try offering it in the training sippy cups, or soft tipped sippy cup, it might take a few nights but we had to wind down in the living room shut lights off turn tv off then put kiddos to bed so they weren’t still worked up, it might take time have patients and putting her back to bed 12 times happens but it won’t last forever

Go for a walk. Fresh air and exercise. Even if it’s around the block after dinner itll wear her out then a nice warm lavender bubbly bath to calm down . Maybe lay with her read a book


My daughter is two and was like this. I put the crib sides up on her bed, gave her her milk and walked out the room. She cried for hours as well snd I almost caved and got her but I held strong snd let her cry it out. After a week of doing that and knowing I wasn’t going to cave, now she goes to bed no problem. I take her in, lay her down and walk out. That first week is sooo rough but having a child sleep through the night is so worth it!

You may have to sleep train. I hope you are able to find a solution soon! Good luck!

We have a locking chest for the toys so they can’t get them out at night. Also a musical bear or noise machine. Try melatonin an hour before bed every night for the first 2 weeks to try to set that routine. Make sure blue light filters are ON all devices. My 2 yr old daughter is a pain and VERY whiney. She just turned 2 though. We have a 3 yr old as well. Both get a cup of milk at bed they both drink out of little kid plastic cups no lids just a plastic cup. Bottles and tippy cups with nipple spouts are terrible for kids. They not only can do bad things to their teeth but also effect speech so try to nip that in the butt.

Take that bottle away and let her cry. For starters she knows qt this age what she’s doing. Qnd you give her a bath and a bed fime story and bed time every night same routine. Make it a routine.


Throw out the bottles, cups only. Put her in her room with nothing, it’s ok to let her scream she will eventually realize your not going to go get her. It will take several day. Momma you can do this!


Talk to her dr about melatonin. Most people wont agree but it what helps my kids. And if she naps during the day dont let her sleep to long my 2 year old fights naps most days but in bed alseep by 745 800 most nights.


Have you tried doing calm down time and then give them melatonin gummies. It’s all natural and will not hurt the child.


I’m on week two of teaching my daughter to fall asleep on her own :slightly_smiling_face: we’ve always sat with her until she fell asleep but that would take hours! So last week I started putting her in her bed and reassuring her that I would check on her in two minutes. There was a lot of putting her back in bed and back in her room, but I checked on her often, told her I had to go do something and I would be back in two minutes. Finally tonight, she didn’t come out of her room, I checked on her twice and she’s put herself to sleep :blush:

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Let her cry it out. DO NOT CAVE!! Once she sees you aren’t going to cave and mean business she will give up. It will be so hard letting her cry but it will work.


We started my son on melatonin, it was the onlyway we could get him to sleep without hours of full on meltdowns.


No electronics at night at all. Put a limit of 1 or 2 hours only during the day on them. Nothing wrong with them, but kids have no concept of when too long is just too long.


First thing ditch the bottles, they are ruining her teeth. Also ditch the electronics at bed time unless it is a white noise machine that plays either soft classical music or sounds of nature something rhythmic that will play all night long. Get a routine going, specific times for diner, bath, and bed, and don’t let her play with the iPad, after dinner that stimulates the mind and makes sleep harder. Chamomile tea is something my daughter’s doctor recommended for sleep it worked wonders.