I stuggle getting my toddler to bed: Advice?

They almost all scream and throw tantrums BUT you are the parent
Cut out bottles ASAP
Who cares if she cries and screams a bit, she will get over it
Tablets and other electronics are detrimental to ADULT sleep patterns so the tablet needs to go asap


Let her cry. It isn’t harming her and she isn’t in danger. I did this and my daughter figured out really fast that she would get ZERO attention by acting that way.


Same here I have two toddlers and a newborn it’s hard but, were still doing a good job don’t be too hard on yourself. 🥲

We use the kids melatonin body wash and lotion and it works.

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Sounds harsh but let her cry :frowning: and just blatantly ignore her. Part of her fits is she gets satisfaction and attention from you talking to her and bargaining with her. Give her lots of good attention and praise her alot (like borderline throwing a party)whenever she does do what you’re wanting. Its super hard and I wish you all the luck.


Throw the bottle away. Let her see you toss them. When she is thirsty enough she will drink. She is just playing you to get what she wants. She know you will give in. It may take 3 days to may take a month.


Melatonin gummies and with my oldest i sat next to his bed til he went to bed. Sometimes it was 15 min sometimes an hour we did this for 6 months til he would go to bed by himself

My youngest and i co sleep ill lay him down at his bed time abt 20 min later hes out then i get up

I use melatonin on my daughter for bedtime some nights

Tell her you lost her bottles, it sounds silly, but shes old enough to understand losing things. And telling my daughter we lost stuff has always worked. She took a bedtime bottle until 18 months and then I told her we lost them, and it improved her sleep routine tremendously. Start a bedtime routine at the same time every night, do the same exact things, in the same order, start and stop at the same times. And let her cry, every night it will get shorter and better, and by week one or 2 it will be over and she’ll just go to sleep. And it will improve her sleep and your sleep. You got this.

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My 7 year old son has been on and off melatonin for a couple of years. He has a very hard time turning off his brain. Melatonin helps a ton! We use Zarbees. Maybe try giving her half of one an hour before bed to help starting your routine. Instead of leaving the room, try sitting next to her bed for a few nights and slowly work your way out of her room throughout the week or so. I’m getting ready to start this with my two year old. Right now I lay with him but I’m going to start working my way out slowly.

READ :speaking_head:

My toddler is 22 months will be 2 in February… Sleeps thru the night 95% of the time… here’s why

Your answer is ROUTINE.
I did this with all of my kids, my two other kids are 17 and 8. Keep a strict time schedule.
7-7:30p… every night start your routine… feed at 6, let her play, bath at 7, pjs and a sip of water, let her cut lights off (we have a night light) No electrics!!! They’re very bad for toddlers development :confused:…get her a sound machine (my baby listens to water sounds) or soft instrumentals…if she cries or gets up… EVERY TIME you go right in there put her right back in the bed and with a serious voice…say no ma’am you will lay down, it’s nite nite time… do not give her anything. A teddy (or something soft she likes) and blanket (maybe paci)…
Definitely no bottles she’s to old. She needs big girl cups ( not in bed):two_hearts:

Keep in mind that if you develop a routine like this… when she falls asleep guess what? FREE MOMMY TIME :laughing::heart: You got this… you can fix this in 3 days or deal with it until she’s 10… your choice :ok_hand:t2:

If you have to do this 100 times in one night that’s what you do!!! Let her cry/scream for 5 mins and then go right back calmly and serious. NO ma’am it’s time to sleep… night night…

I bet you everything, in 3 days you will see a huge difference. TRUST ME


Both my kids used melatonin at that age. It worked wonders and they got a goodnight sleep.

Ok ok I know so many will not agree with me but honestly I don’t care. We let them fall asleep with a move, yes, we allow them a tv, honestly mommy needs sanity… but we transitioned from milk to water by watering down the milk each time till we were completely to water. Hope that helps! As always do what works for you your the parent and everyone’s else’s opinions don’t matter. You can do this!


Melatonin gummies! Saved my life as a mom

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Have you tried a noise machine ?

All I can say is, if you don’t get control now it will be 100 times worse when she is a teen. You have to show her that you are in control, not her. She is starting to understand that she can control you by having tantrums.


I’ve always established and kept a bedtime routine. We do a light snack, a bath and a favorite book. It’s always worked great with my kids. I hope it helps.


Get rid of the bottles period. Throw them all away. Try a soft tipped sippy like a nuk. Get a routine
Clean up 7:30
Snack w/her cup of milk 8:00
Brush teeth/ bath time 8:30
Story time with soft lighting in bed 9
Lights out 9:15 w/sound machine &/or soft night light.
Let her cry & don’t give her a cup unless it’s water.

Using a bottle still can cause teeth problems especially sleeping with one. I told my daughter she was a big girl now and big girls don’t use babas and we have to throw them away. Had her watch me toss them ALL - so i couldnt give in- and we said byebye babas and took them out to garbage. Later she wanted one and i reminded we threw them away. She was pissed a minute not gonna lie, but it was easier to say sorry kid i dont have one and let her be pissed and cry it out. She was my fourth kid and the easiest to break- id never tried this prior. Also, try a bedtime routine everynight its gonna be them same, take a warm bath with lavender, her pjs and teeth brushed, maybe read her a story to snuggle, and then tuck her in say its bedtime love u goodnight. And then be done. Unless it sounds like she is hurt or something let her cry. Let her know bedtime is bed time and u arent giving in. You could also try playing sleep music for her at night, a nightlight/complete dark, melatonin if needed but i would use as last resort. And u can always inform your doctor, maybe there is a under lying issue. Good luck dear! Im glad i made it through those days alive. Its not easy!