I terminated my rights 3 years ago with my kids, what will happen after this baby is born?

Ok, so two years almost three years ago I had an open cps case…well, in the end, I ended up terminating my rights because my children were happier, and with me being raised in foster care I prayed and thought I made the right decision. Well, I am now pregnant and planning to keep my baby. My social worker keeps in contact with me, and I keep in contact with with her. She messaged me today to check on me, so I told her I am expecting and wanted to know what all would happen after o give birth to my baby. She explained to me that if my case meets criteria, a social worker will come to talk to me and check on me and baby and make sure I have everything I need. I’m still sober have been for almost three years. My question is, has anyone else gone through this, and if so, what was the end result?


I don’t know why they would need to be involved if the other case is closed?


I dont no all the details exactly but I have a friend who’s mom had 2 of her kids legally and she has 3 others shes had since then and they are all with her so…hopefully nothing happens. If you arent in trouble and have a stable environment there is no reason for them to get involved seriously. Maybe a check up in the beginning…


They can’t just take your baby cuz you signed rights away to the others. Just make sure you have everything you need n you should be good to go


Just because your rights were terminated with your other children doesn’t have anything to do with this baby. Just keep doing the right thing like you have been and you have nothing to worry about. Congratulations on your sobriety and your new baby!


So you just gave 3 away instead of getting your shit straight, finally got your shit straight and just decided to have another.

You should be fine, and I’m all honesty you don’t even need to involve cps if you don’t want to. It’s good that you still keep in contact with your social worker but if you are doing everything you need and plan to keep the baby then you will be fine. Good luck.


They will just do home visits regularly and work with yourself and midwife, to insure it is a safe and healthy environment, once they are satisfied, they will leave you pretty much alone, and just check in now and again.

I know a few ppl who had kids removed from CPS and they did come to hospital and take baby. I’m not sure details or what but I think they had to prove they were fit… good luck


If your other case is closed why are you keeping in contact with the case worker. Your putting yourself through more stress then needed with your new child. Theres no case currently so theres no reason they should be looking into you already.


I’m on the opposite end of this, I am the foster parent. Saying that, they cannot do anything about the new baby unless there is a REASON to.
I wouldn’t stress too much.


It would only be an issue if you still had an open case. Just make sure you have everything you need for the baby and you will be good to go.


Noting will happen as long as you dont get another case. I know a girl who this happened. She lost her first but her second two were fine.

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All they will do it just home check if they do anything. They cant do anything unless there is a case on that child.


If you’re sober, there is no reason you should have any contact from CPS.


If you terminated your own rights, that means they didnt do It. That also means they didn’t have to step in to that extent. That alone tells me that they saw you as someone who COULD get them back and be okay with them. They will probably do nothing since you are still sober. Ask for any needed resources and be very open about it. Make the system work for you so that you can be productive! Best wishes to you, Mama, and congrats on getting your life back.


I know a girl who’s parents have legal rights to her oldest son but she has 2 younger kids in her custody.

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My son was adopted out of CPS his real mother signed her rights over… she had an open case for both boys and pregnant and when she had the baby because she wasn’t part of the case she was not involved… she signed her rights over to my son and then finished out the case and closed it for the oldest. So each individual child has to have a reason to be taken


I had an open case years ago I gave birth to my 3rd while the case was open all they did was home visits with me and after 2 weeks closed the case I kept my younger 2 and have visitation with older 2 every other week as long as you do what you have 2 stay clean make sure house always clean and do as they say you will be ok they didn’t even come to hospital when I had my son they waited a week before they popped in to give me that first week of bonding time with my son I did have to take parenting classes and therapy also

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Thank all you ladies!!! This is helping ease my mind. And for those of you that asked i keep in touch with her because she saved my life. And she is how i recieve pictures of my other babies amd updates on how they are doing! All of my babies are everything to me and im trying so hard to do better this time around. Ive got a ways to go but im so far from where i was. Thank you for all your kind words and not lookong down on me for my recovery and my decisions :heart: