I tested positive for an STD but haven't been unfaithful: Thoughts?

I recently went to the dr. Because I started experiencing a lot of women’s problems that is being taken care of. In the process of all this, during some testing, they decided to do an std test even though I didn’t have signs of any. Well long behold it came back positive for 1. Here I am confused bc I know damn well I didn’t get it from anyone else bc I’m straight up faithful and committed to my husband. I’m also confused bc I’m convinced that no way did my husband cheat on me. We both literally go to work and back home every day. If we are not working, we are always together. I’m even so confused that I felt ashamed to question my husband and his faithfulness. He swears I’ve been his only girl for the past five years. Honestly, I don’t know what to think or do. Now obviously, I’m on meds being treated, and obviously, my husband and I have sex, so he himself went and got tested so he can be treated to. But I’m literally just so confused, so lost. I believe my husband that didn’t cheat, but also how else would I catch an std?


Same thing happened to me. Thought my husband would never cheat. He did. With someone at work


Did you both get tested when first together? If not then one of you might have had it then.


Is this a serious question??? There is no other way…


i… girl. someone’s not telling the other the truth.


As a nurse , you can have an std for years and have no symptoms until they test for them. This could be something you had and didn’t know it.


Your husband has been cheating if you haven’t unless uv been using a dirty finger…


Oh honey…he cheated


He cheated… my man of 14 years who I thought was faithful to me I found out was buying prostitutes if you’ve been faithful then you know who hasn’t.


Really? If you didn’t sleep around HE DID. If you don’t want to believe it and refuse to believe it then why even ask. Its common sense.


Did you both get tested before you relationship or at the start? Either of you could of had it before. Only you know your relationship


I just know HPV, and Herpes can be caused by stress. Don’t know about anything else.

Toilet seats at contaminated houses


Only way to catch STD is through sex. If you didn’t mess around then he did ! Did you ask the Doctor if the lab accidentally gave you someone else results ?


They come back false postive sometimes an they make mistakes in labs on test get them mixed up may not be your test results


Either of you could of had it and not known.

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Ohh believe me he will find time if he wants another woman! I say he cheated! But thats my opinion!!


While the most logical answer seems it came from him being unfaithful, which is possible, it may not be the case. STDs can be dormant for years without symptoms, or minor symptoms that are passed off as something else. You could have contracted this from an older partner, he could have contracted it from an older partner and passed it along, or of course he could be unfaithful. I assume you guys were not tested prior to your relationship? In regards to this situation, have him tested and go from there. And from now on make it a point to be tested often. It’s not gross, it’s keeping up with your body. Good luck.


He did or you did no two ways around it. Hope your both okay though and are getting the treatment to sort it out but I’d be having a conversation at least.

One of y’all is lyin lol