I tested positive for COVID and am afraid I am going to pass it to my kids: Advice?

I have tested positive for covid 19. I’m terrified of my kids getting it… I have a four-month-old and five years old. Wtf do I do, guys. I’m freaking out and. I feel myself get weaker as the night goes on; I can’t smell… losing my taste, and energy is fading. I have no cough or fever… but I’m so scared of my babies getting it because they have already been exposed to me. Ease my mind… help me through this, please I know there has to be someone in this group who’s been in this situation


I haven’t been but you are in my prayers.

I got a 16 month old and I am terrified of being put in this situation.

So sorry :pleading_face: don"t know what to say wash your hands and wear a mask…God bless u and wish u the best

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I had it and nobody else in my house got it. Four kids and a husband who didn’t leave me TF alone. You’ll be ok :slightly_smiling_face:


I have read that kids don’t have the receptor that COVID attaches to. Hope this eases your mind

My sister in law and her husband both tested positive and all 3 kids were negative. Hope that helps calm your nerves at least a little❤ I hope you feel better soon!

Praying for you! I had it and my husband was with me constantly during quarantine and he never got it .

If they have already been around you just quarantine at home. Kids are less susceptible.

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I got sick with the flu really bad last year. I had a one year old at that time. I felt like I was dying but I wore a mask, gloves when I had to make his food or hold him or do anything with and for him. After everything I touched I wiped it down and kept hot water and bleach in a bowl wiping everything. I also sprayed Lysol everywhere I had been in the house. I kept the sheets, blankets, etc washed like clockwork. He never got it and I can only hope it was because of everything I had done.

Sequester yourself as much as possible. Wear a mask inside. Use a separate bathroom from the rest of the family. My cousin got it and her husband and child didn’t.


Wish you the best,hope you feel better soon :pray:

Know of someone had it did t give to kids , wash hands , were a mask around if when to an are them to., Clean house with disinfectives

I had it. My 5 year old has chronic asthma and my daughter is 3. Mind you, my husband also has an auto-immune disease. Obviously I was unable to isolate myself from any of them. Not a single one got even a runny nose. Now I’m not trying to downplay anything, but we were all good.


Praying :pray::pray::pray: for you to get well soon

My husband and I both had it. We just washed our hands regularly, sprayed lysol where we sat, wore our masks in the house and did not let them in our room at all. They didnt get it thank god.

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My 3 year old son and I are going through this right now together…thankfully I got the worst of it. He has a cough and we’re closely monitoring for anything more serious

My mom had it and my dad never got it and they live together

Have your 5 year old wear a mask and you wear a mask at all times. They’re less likely to get it but it can happen. I had it and passed it on to my 10 year old but my 4 year old and fiancée were negative. Even though I bathed my 4 year the day before I tested positive and she also slept next to me. Don’t stress.

By the time you test positive you’ve already exposed your kids. I’d watch them for symptoms we’ve had several providers and staff at my job get covid and their family members didn’t.

Myself and my partner have no taste or smell for the past week, I lost my nana 10 days ago to covid and mam has it now too, from looking after nana while she was I’ll, my best advice is isolate together children are very resilient to this virus I have a 2yr old and there is nothing we can do but isolate together, :two_hearts: best wishes for you all