I think I want to leave my husband: Advice?

My husband and I argue almost every weekend, and it always ends up with him telling me to leave and why haven’t I left yet then he tells me not to go and he didn’t mean it like that. He thinks that because I’m a woman I should do all the housework and take care of our two kids, their toddlers, he thinks there should never be toys on the floor and I should always pack him lunch while I’m getting the kids ready to go to daycare in the morning before we go to work, we both work full time, I really don’t know why I haven’t just left yet, but I feel like a big part of it is I don’t want to put my kids thru all that and confuse them. Thoughts?


I always say if you want to leave eventually you will so you might as well do it now while the kids are resilient … good luck mama, you deserve happiness no matter what … sending love xo


Don’t stay for the kids darlin! They will be so much happier seeing mama in a better space! And you will too! Life is way too short to be stuck in a relationship where you are miserable! :cherry_blossom:


It can only get worse. Try marriage counseling 1st. If he does not want to at least try, leave. He needs to help out too.


A relationship should be 100%/100%.
I’d suggest counseling before divorce. You have a family and life together.


Fuck ALL of that. He needs to go home to his mommy.


If you are bringing in half the income, he can do half the other work.


Girl, make him leave!!! Flip the switch on him !!!


Sounds just like my exhusband ugh you’re better off going

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You both work full time then you both participate with kids/cleaning. What respect :fist: wow I’m sorry ur going through that


Leave so he knows what it is to take care of the kids full time! Take it as a vacation and you might like been alone and not taking care of a grown ass man! The only person you are responsible for is your kids but he should be taking care of himself and his needs!


Personally, This makes me angry. As a woman who works full time also, your husband is basically saying ‘me and my job is far more important than your job and I’m not man enough to help around the house’. Who does he think he is? Did his parents never teach him to wash, clean and cook his own meals? Why is it automatically your job? Because you have a vagina? Maybe he should try being an adult and leave him to it for a bit. My feelings are that his mysonginistic entitlement thinking that it’s a woman’s job to do these things is ingrained and you’re unlikely to change his outdated beliefs. Time to cook and clean for yourself sister, take your vagina and your kids and get the hell out of there.


Sounds like you’re the one who keeps that household running, I’d tell him to pack his bags and kiss my ass.
No way you’re going to be the one to move out with your two young children. #byehubby #dontletthedoorhityouonthewayout


I waited 5 years to make it work with my baby daddy. I wish I hadn’t wasted my time. Kids are resilient. Just leave and love the shit outta your kids.


Ask yourself if you are teaching your kids right by them seeing and hearing all that?


It is better for kids to be in a happy home


I honestly believe in fixing something rather then throwing it all away. My husband and i have been married for 12 years and we have had our share of fights… Lots of it honestly but i think you should try counseling also i like someone suggested leaving him so he knows what you do all the time. Over the weekend if you can just leave and leave the kids with him. Don’t feel guilty. Take a vacation and leave him with the kids so he can see it from your perspective.

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Haven’t you considered hiring a househelp? You can’t divorce because of housework unless there’s more. This one has options.


Honestly. In today’s world, their are countless resources for situations like this. If you leave (which you should) you will have the ability to make it and to help adjust your kiddos. In my opinion, this is an inevitable outcome for most families. It doesn’t mean its wrong or bad, it just happens, to alot of people.

If you’re working just as much as him then cleaning house and taking care of the kids is both y’all’s job. Also he can make his own damn lunch.