I think my 7-year-old has autism: Advice?

I am a mom of a seven-year-old boy. From a young age, he was displaying some red flags for autism, such as speech delay, sensitivity on textures, and shyness. We followed speech therapy, and his speech is very improved, although some pronunciation issues are still there. The sensitivity of textures passed on its own. He still struggles socially to make friends and does not find birthday parties easy. However, he has one friend in school and can play along well with other family friends kids. Over the years, I had him evaluated by a psychologist, speech therapists, and play therapists as well as by his pediatrician who did not evaluate them as autistic. I am somehow fixated at this idea that he is and every little behavior that he does I google it to conclude that he is autistic. I am driving myself crazy, and I wanted to have him re-evaluated, but my husband does not share my concerns. He says that he is a normal boy, and everyone is different, so he refuses to drag our son again to this evaluation process. How can I calm myself and stop thinking so negatively?


Make a appointment with a specialist, early intervention is key with child development, if you believe he has a disability and not just progressing at the same pace as other children his age. You can also speak to his school and see if they have noticed anything.


Talk to his doctor. The earlier you can confirm the better and easier things will be for the both of you

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Let him be a kid… if you have done all of what you say and he still has not been diagnosed on the spectrum, rest easy. Not all kids are the same just as all adults are not the same. Maybe you should go see a therapist and see if there is something you could do to stop yourself from constantly trying to diagnose him with something


If hes been evaluated over n over why are u still looking for something wrong? Just love him for him. You should get counseling.


I’m not sure how to calm yourself, but I believe he sounds like a normal 7yr old to me. I hope you find a way to soothe your soul mommy!


Stop searching Google, it will drive you nuts. If all those people said no then it’s no. All kids are different. Let him go at his speed and be a kid. I think you may need some therapy.


Sounds like you need to be evaluated to be honest. He isn’t autistic. Those arent common autistic behaviors. Sincerely, mother of an actual autistic girl. You really should seek therapy. Best of luck and just enjoy your boy!

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sounds like a regular kid to me :woman_shrugging:

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From a mom who has a son that was diagnosed with Anxiety at the age of 5 (we did therapy to try to help this without meds without success), diagnosed with ADHD at the same age (did behavioral therapy for a few years before having to be put on meds) and at 12 diagnosed with ASD. My husband was not on board with my feelings that we needed professional help but I was fortunate that when I insisted he went along with it. We have been lucky to be with a great team of doctors (pediatrician, psychologist and psychiatrist) that are helping us help him. With all that said if you feel that something is off keep talking to medical professionals and get feedback from his educators. Try to avoid Dr. Google for diagnosing and use for information on questions to ask the professionals. Even with us trying to be proactive our son struggles so much, primarily with social skills with his peers (he does decent with older kids and adults). I agree with your husband everyone/kid is different and he is a normal boy he just may be walking a different path then others.

Munchausen by proxy?

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I feel like you should enjoy who your child is honey. My son is 11 and still hates sand lol. If he’s happy and doing well in school then try to take a deep breathe and stay calm. Your doing great

Some of you people are horrible nasty people with your comments…

These are some traits of aspergers, and my son was not diagnosed until adult, even though school had him assessed because they saw sensory issues.

Jesus people, be kind… It’s free

See your doctor. If he is diagnosed on the spectrum, contact you local county board of Developmental Disabilities. There are some amazing programs out there who can help him reach his full potential. Not only in schooling, but when he gets older, they may be able to help with housing if he wants to be work on his independence, as well as working as an adult. I live in Ohio and work with adults with disabilities. I ave 7 adults with disabilities ranging from mild LD, autism, schizophrenia, personality associative disorder, among many others. We work in the community in factories is it possible doing work that anybody else does. If your son is diagnosed on the Spectrum, she can reach his potential there is help out there to do it.

If he was Autistic, the doctors etc would have said so.
I have one and it was obvious…
Best advice is ,STAY OFF GOOGLE… if he is happy , learning ,has a friend and has grown out of somethings. It’s not autism. You dont want to label your kid when its not nessaccary.
Just enjoy him. He will be grown up before you know it…
Being shy is a higher level of the flight or fight hormone . Just let him be a kid,

Some kids are just like that. I have one child with autism and the other doesnt. Shes shows signs but never tested for it shes just be hind thats all

Unlikely to be ASD but check dyspraxia out, especially if there are any issues with coordination/motor skills. Otherwise just enjoy your son and don’t fixate on what you think is wrong…just celebrate all that he is!!!

If your questions if he has autism or not get them valued by a professional. Only way to know.

He is still very young and you said his pediatrician told he’s ok then y worry? Kids grow up in a different way don’t compare your kid with others, you can ask his school about how he acts by then you can decide what to do. For the mean time enjoy your kid and be positive it might be just a stage or phase in growing up.

As and adult autistic and a mother of a 7yo girl I understand your apprehension. If you think is something wrong try find another specialist. But promise yourself to stop there. Even if you kid have some characteristic is clearly no enough to stop him to have a regular life…relax