I think my best friend is seeing my husband: Advice?

So, I am not for sure. But I have the weirdest feeling that my best friend and husband are seeing each other. Recently, she has been like every single photo he posts on facebook. And he has been doing the same to her. Not only that, but I have caught them on the phone a few times and he has told me they were discussing “birthday plans” for me. The thing is, my birthday isn’t until next summer so I don’t believe them. She has always been touchy feely with him but I have always trusted her so I never thought anything of it. That’s just her personality. I feel like I am making things up in my head and don’t want to accuse them but something truly does feel off to me and I just don’t know what to think. What would you do?

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I’m blunt so I would just straight up ask them are they messing around. Go with your gut on how they respond.


Always trust ur gut…:person_in_lotus_position::heavy_check_mark:


Go with your gut. I didn’t and regretted it later after finding out about a 2 year affair my husband had. We’d been married 23 years!


If you’re married there should be no reason you can’t pick up his phone and check🤷‍♀️ I would walk straight up to him, take the phone and tell him what im doing while im doing it…


Don’t ignore your gut. Also, if you need a shovel or anything hmu. I gotchu.


I’d be in both their faces asking what the hell is going on. There’s no reason for them to be that close.


Follow your insticts always the thruth come up​:milky_way::milky_way::milky_way:


Trust your gut. If you think something is t right then it probably isn’t.


I would follow them. So you know they’re doing something for sure. But it’s bizarre that they talk
On the phone and that’s she’s touchy on him.

Girl bye . Never trust no female around your man :tipping_hand_woman:t5: . Check his phone and see wth is going on


Trust your self girl. If you need that in your face proof get it and catch them in the act. Then end it. Theres your proof a f they cant deny it.

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I’m sorry to say this… but that exact scenario happened to me. Minus the phone conversations. They both told me they were only texting and messaging each other trying to figure out a birthday gift for me, meanwhile I got nothing for my birthday :joy: … they were talking behind my back. I always had a feeling, but never did anything cause I wanted proof. Well, I went through his phone and found the proof I needed. TRUST YOUR GUT.


Sounds like something is going on. Id sit them down at the same time when you question them. Dont give each a chance to lie then have time to text the other a heads up


Just go up to him one day and say, with a sweet sweet smile, “I know” and walk away. See what reaction is. That will tell u everything u need to know. And do the same to your friend. She will be the first to break the news I’m sure.


A woman’s intuition! You better check him now!


I’d be going through his phone :woman_shrugging:t2: but it sounds like to me you allow it to happen. Just bc someone is a touchy person or my best friend doesn’t mean they’re gunna call my husband unannounced or touch all over him. :woman_shrugging:t2: you need to make limits. She sounds like a horrible friend to have.


On the phone together that right there is a no …you to confront him of your suspicion and tell what he’s doing to make you feel this way so he can either stop it or get the fuck out

Just because they like stuff on Facebook don’t mean they screwing
The phone calls are sort of odd tho.

Tell them how it makes you feel. In person. Truat your gut feeling. Im sorry.

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