I think my boyfriend is hiding something: Advice?

I’m not exactly sure what I am looking for, whether it be advice, words of wisdom, or if I just need to vent. My bf and I have been together for almost three years. We’ve had our ups and downs along the way. From stupid little spats that we quickly recover from to ignoring each other for an entire day. Recently we had an argument/event occur that I am still not passed, and I don’t know how to get past it. He texted me to let me know he was on his way home from work like he normally does, ok cool. He gets home, says hi to me, and said he was thinking of going Christmas shopping for me. This was at 530 in the evening. I asked him why tonight saw as he just got home and what was the point in coming home just to instantly leave again when he passed stores on his way home, he could’ve just done it on his way, and that dinner was going to be done soon. He got an attitude, said, fine and walked out the front door. After 15 minutes or so, he came back in he says so do you have a problem if I go? He didn’t say bye, love you, nothing. I just walked out the door. Couple of hours went by, and he still hadn’t come back. I texted him, called him, nothing. He had turned his location off. This went on for an hour. He finally decides to call me back. He said he was almost home. He said he was at Walmart;Then he he went to the pier after Walmart. I asked him why he didn’t answer his phone with just a simple text, anything to let me know what was going on. Said he left his phone in his truck the whole time, that he “forgot” it. Thirty degrees, snow, and freezing rain. Nobody in their right mind would go there unless you’re ice fishing. And he doesn’t spend any more than 20 minutes in Walmart ever. He made his way back around 10. Bought nothing for anyone and couldn’t tell the truth to save his ass, as he kept changing his story. I don’t know what to think; I don’t know what to do or how to feel. He shook my trust before with talking to people behind my back, which he apologized for and said he wouldn’t do it anymore. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and had been trying to rebuild the trust, but this didn’t help.


Well if he did get u a present he wouldn’t give it to u when he got home right…


Maybe he’s hiding a proposal? I think you may have over reacted with him going to the store. He at least asked to make sure it was alright for him to go. I know when my husband goes Christmas shopping for me, he comes home changed into comfy clothes and heads out to the store.** And he asks to go Christmas shopping for me since he can’t do it at work** He probably ignored your texts and calls because you made the assumption he is hiding something and he had to over think whether or not the argument was worth your present.

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Maybe he’s planning something for your christmas present.

You by the sounds of it don’t trust him already. Leave. Sounds toxic as fuck

He sounds like he is up to something and I don’t think it was Christmas shopping. Just ask for the truth. In you heart you already know it. Good luck


You call and text repeatedly and check the location on his phone?


Seems like something is on his mind and he either doesn’t know how to explain it or he is worried about saying it. Try talking to him about everything without fighting or yelling, don’t bring up the past since you accepted his apology. He could be stressed about the holidays and not sure what to get.

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It’s possible to forget your phone in the car. I’ve done it. If he’s shopping for a gift for you of course he’s not going to bring it in for you to see. Give it more time… if this behavior continues where he leaves and dont answer then I’d say you have a right to be concerned. Otherwise it’s probably just what he said.


I get the sense hes planning something big. I wouldn’t push this. If things are good otherwise, let it go.

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Does he do this often

Maybe u stressed him and he just shut his phone off to not listen to ur mouth


You have no evidence that he’s doing anything wrong. It was an annoying argument. You need to make the decision to trust him and stick around, or decide that you can’t trust him, since he lied to you before, and situations where you can’t keep tabs on him will keep happening, and move on. Staying with him and not trusting him won’t work. It’s a waste of everyone’s time.

You. Check. The. Location. On. His. Phone. Say. What. ? & of course he’s going to “ not come in the house with anything “ he was going Christmas shopping for you! Lol , but to me it sounds like he took his time due to the tension before he left. Lol


If you have gps on him and need to check it. You jave trust issues and it doesn’t sound healthy.


If he bought you a Christmas present why would he show you? Just curious :joy:

Secondly, talk to the man and don’t make assumptions. You creating a problem in your head and that’s always a no. Talk to him, own your emotions and don’t blame him for how YOU feel. When you speak to him…say “I” statements instead of “you”. Say “Babe I was angry that you went Walmart at the last minute and I had dinner ready soon, I felt like you was up to something” but don’t assume what he was doing because you created that into your head. Communicate.


Ask ur dad or a guy
Best people for man advice. If its worried u . U need to sit down and talk with him. If youre not sure after that ur guts telling u something

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Always trust your intuition.


Stop overthinkng it! Even if he went shopping for you, why would he bring the gifts inside for you to see??

You must have trust issues if you’re freaking out about this small thing… have you never accidentally left your phone in a other room or somewhere else? Not all mistakes mean there is something else going on.


Girl, you’re definitely overreacting and even if he didn’t buy anything for you, perhaps he just went for a beer to just chill out.

I think you’re looking into it more than you should.