I think my boyfriend may be gay: Advice?

Anonymous, please. I’m worried my boyfriend might be gay and is trying to hide it from myself and his family. We’ve been together a year, and in the beginning, the sex was great and frequent, but now it’s like it’s just a performance. Quick to the point, and his expressions and reactions are dramatic and very obviously exaggerated. Sometimes he goes completely soft right in the middle or says he’s finished when I know he didn’t. He keeps his eyes closed most of the time, and I’ve even caught him watching tv during our lovemaking. He makes jokes all the time about being gay. He is often late getting home from work and showers immediately. Sometimes before even greeting me. I feel so crazy all the time, and I don’t know what to do about it.

He sounds like he could be hiding something. If he is joking about being gay all the time, it could be his way of trying to tell you. Maybe he doesn’t know if you would be supportive or not? He also could be straight but is hiding something else. Sit with him and talk to him. Let him know what you’re feeling. Let him know that you’ll be understanding, but would like the truth so neither on of you are wasting time.

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