I think my child is facing sleep regression: Thoughts?

I have a four-month of the almost five-month infant. From the first day since bringing her home, we’ve tried not to tiptoe around while she’s sleeping, so that she wouldn’t be sensitive to sound. I don’t know if it’s one or the other or everything combined, but she seems to be going through a sleep regression. Wakes every two hours in the night to feed and diaper change. I bath her every other night only right before bed. We wake up every day at 8 am, no matter how late we were up the night before, her routine. So my question is…what can I do that’s safe and healthy to help her to sleep easier and more soundly? I meant to add that she also struggles with naps. She gets really fussy right before naps. No matter what I do doesn’t make her happy and I try everything I can


Yup that happens at around 4 months its a hard phase…

Probably going through a growth spurt

My 10 month old dose that she takes 2 naps and up alot during the night for a cup and diaper change

Possible help her move around more tummy time bouncer play with toys

My little one is 6months old and on average this is my night…
Sleep by 8.30-9.00pm
Feed 1 @ 12.30am
Feed 2 @ 3.00am
Feed 3 @ 5.30am
( she doesnt feed for long more a comfort thing)
Wakes around 7am

Hope your little one sleeps better soon as i hope mine does :slightly_smiling_face:

My LO is almost 3 months old and is doing that. He was on a schedule then out of the blue he wants to eat every two hours.
Sleep by 830
630/7am when were up for the day. Now he’s not wanting to fall asleep until closer to 10, wakes up at midnight, Two, four, and about 6. It has to have something to do with teething or growth spurt. I hope your LO sleeps better for you! It’s exhausting

Following im in the same boat. I’m exhausted…

My son was the same way, we stuck to his schedule, played a bit more during the day. Noticed he would fall asleep as soon as I started vacuuming. We tried a noise app which helped! He loved the sound of waves crashing on a beach! And vacuum of course! :slight_smile:

My daughter would do the same thing, but I’m “that parent” that let’s their baby sleep with them. Its the only way she will sleep soundly, plus I breastfeed so its pretty easy for us both to get sleep and she doesn’t go hungry for even 2 minutes lol. Now I’m starting to want to get her in her own bed of course but dreading it :upside_down_face:

It is totally normal for babies to wake during the night–don’t expect sleeping throught the night until at least a year old and even then they may still wake at night. Society needs to stop with the expectations that babies should sleep all night–it is not natural or healthy. Anthropologists say we humans are born too early because of our large brains–treat babies like they need to still be in the womb.

A sound soother night light helps(the ones with a heart beat). drowns out any extra noise they might become sensitive to. They also make vibrating devices which that go with swings/bouncers(which we use to take it and put it next to my little ones mattress to Help relax the babe. Granted they are still babies and still need to feed/changed and wake up throughout the night. Mine son is 2.5 years old an wakes up 5am every morning needing a diaper change. But as they grow older and when you start to feed them more baby food then milk, they tend to sleep long at night but still wake up. Hang in there momma it wont be like this forever.

Try a feeding a little more before bedtime or closer feedings.

Every baby is different. But they go through so many changes for the first 2 years. Probably sleep regression. It’ll pass. Just nurture and support your child. You know your child best. Tend to their needs and know this too shall pass :slight_smile:

The waking to eat is normal, she’s growing, possibly even having a small spurt. Infants NEED to eat frequently, particularly very young infants, and this doesn’t really change too much until they’re past the 6-8 month mark. And even then, they have frequent “developmental” spikes that will lead to increased wakefulness from time to time, even if it isn’t hunger-related. I wouldn’t suggest trying to “correct” the behavior because it could prove detrimental and isn’t worth doing. Just be patient, this is their growing process.
As for the nap fussiness, she’s probably fussing because she’s getting OVERLY tired before you lay her down, so you need to start the nap process earlier, almost preemptively. Cuddles and quiet and soft sounds help set the stage, but these things do very little for an infant who’s already upset at being over-tired. Watch for early signs of sleepiness and move in for a nap then. Adjusting her to a schedule that works better for your family is totally possible but it needs to be done gently and slowly to be most effective and least stressful for you all.

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Stop teying tobe quiet during daytime, your baby needs to learn to sleep with everyday activities all around them, music, vaccum vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, tekevisio and the like. Thus helps them to adapt to everday noises of life.

4-5 months is pretty standard for going through a sleep regression. Don’t worry too much, I happens to everyone! I would suggest following Takingcarababies on instagram, she is the best person to get advice from and has stories on her page about how to get through sleep regression!

We would have the TV or music around my kids when they were born. I never had a problem with them falling asleep or staying sleep, while having loud noise…

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Breanna said everything! Just nurture and support. Mine did the same was a great sleeper, between 4 and 6 months was a mess, and then everything was back on track. I just keep doing what I always did. Routine it’s the word

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Mine did that right around that age and omg I was going insane . No sleep . And when she did it was such bad schedules. Doctor told me it’s because at their age their little minds start working faster and everything interest them. Like how an adult can’t shut off their mind and go to sleep.