I think my daughter has anxiety: Advice?

Hello, I would just like to get some other opinions on whether I should be concerned about my daughter or if I’m just overreacting. So My daughter is six years old, in kindergarten, and lately, something has been off about her, and I didn’t know what until I started doing some research. So I have a strong feeling that she has anxiety. Mostly every day she will come to me and say her tummy hurts, which I just recently found out that’s what kids say when they have anxiety, she’s also been overly sensitive. She will cry if someone sits next to her sometimes, or even if you change your tone of voice with her. She also says she’s scared of her room, even though she has multiple night lights and hanging lights, and I check for the monster under the bed every night, and she’s still scared. She has more symptoms, but am I being paranoid?


Does she bite her nails ?

Something is up. Ask her to tell you about her day at school…a good thing, a bad thing, a funny thing, a sad thing,etc. Help her tell you what she’s feeling


I hate to say this, but that is a reaction that some kids have when they are being bullied. I hope that I am wrong, but I would definitely reach out to someone…


I say you’re defiantly not being paranoid I feel as.if my 4.year old is exactly the same.
Go with your gut mamma.
Go see the gp. Much love xox

Make sure she is not being bullied at school or at her babysitters etc and is she isn’t maybe it’s time to get her some counseling to teach her how to cope with her anxiety.


No, it definitely sounds like anxiety and something is definitely triggering it. I would talk to her pediatrician to be seen by a counselor and address the issue before it gets worse.


It’s time to get her counseling and take her to a doctor.

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I agree it may be bullying. My brother was bullied by his teacher and my daughter was bullied by a boy. Those symptoms sounds familiar. I would go sit in on her class. Observe. Then in I would also consult her doctor too

You might want to volunteer to see what’s going on in her classroom or playground something or someone gives her that anxiety either at home or at school. Or maybe she saw something online. I have a 9 year old boy and he was being bullied from kinder through second grade but he’s ok now. You might want to make a little room in your bed for her or you sleep with her until she feels safe. When my daughter goes off to college for the week my son walks in To my room with his pillows and 2 small dogs to sleep with me. We pray together and he falls sleep talking about his day and adventures. My husband works grave yard so it works out fine. Both my daughters did the same thing when they were small and they are perfectly fine. It doesn’t matter how may night lights you put up the night is scary

My six year old granddaughter has similar symptoms. She has anxiety. It is a lot of change to go to Kindergarten so that may be part of it. Kids with anxiety don’t do well with change either. She had it a bit before going to Kindergarten but has been worse since starting. Someone said that she may be bullied. Maybe but my granddaughter is very popular and loves other kids so that’s not necessarily the issue. Her mom had anxiety so we are familiar with this. She outgrew it. I would take her to a child counselor they can give you tips on how to deal with it.

Take her to your Dr and health shop

Speak to her teachers at kindy

I had anxiety as a kid. Pretty badly. But in the 80’s I guess they didn’t realize
I peed my bed till about 8yrs
Anxiety shows itself in different ways
My father argued with my mom a lot so I know where it derived from.

Is she around arguing at home? That will make a child very anxious, I had this with my son many years ago

I feel like I write this on every post but they reading the 5 love languages for children and see if implementing any of those strategies help! Good luck

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I agree and am gonna say the same thing I would look into school and bus rides, babysitters, other family, etc. make sure no bullying is going on , cause I am dealing with that sort of thing my self, that way u can help in the correct way, if its bullying and as long as the bullying continues, those things might not just go away. Talk to her and try to get it out of her why she is doing it , maybe even try a surprise visit to places shes at or school, but definitely be sure and dont assume.

My kid bites her nails and is overly sensitive and was diagnosed with anxiety at 2 n a half and a learning disorder but she has no problems with the dark I say talk to her physician and school

It’s heartbreaking. My daughter attended counselling last year for anxiety. This made an incredible difference to her confidence and self esteem. She/we were given fantastic support along with tools to help her identify triggers and understand and manage situations as they arose. Good luck.

Sounds like anxiety to me, I would take a look at her diet and make sure she isn’t Vitamin D or B deficient. Def have doctor check her vitamin levels before taking the therapy approach unless she had some type of PTSD. My nephew always got sick to his stomach (anxiety) being around police officers because his bonehead of a father got arrested in front of him but I think it’s getting better. Good luck, hope you get it figured out.