I think my family has been stealing from me: Thoughts?

I lost my wedding ring a week ago. I left it on the kitchen counter to wash dishes, and then it was gone. I looked everywhere for it. I even laid the trash out in the garage and combed through it. My FIL took apart the drains in the sink. I checked every inch of every room I was in. I checked all trash cans, vacuum, diaper genie, about tore about my entire room moving furniture around. I thought maybe my kids took it, so I checked every single hiding place they have. Shoes, couch, toy box, pockets. Nothing. It’s like it just vanished. I’ve never lost it before. My husband thinks my BIL or someone in his family took it or found it and kept it. A few months ago, my FIL left a check on the kitchen counter, and it vanished. They looked everywhere for it and nothing. No one knows what happened to it. When my BIL moved in his GF and her kids, our stuff started to go missing little by little. We eventually learned that they were using our soap, shampoo, laundry soap, etc. My husband truly believes that one of them either stole it or found it later on and kept it. I hate to even think it. I haven’t said anything to them, and I’m not. I’m hoping that when we start packing (we’re moving out next m,onth), it’ll just pop up. I’m just beyond devastated about my ring. I cried for two days, and I still haven’t stopped looking! I don’t want to think that they’d do that to me.


Unfortunately being family doesnt mean they are honest. My dad and his girlfriend steel from my mom and all us kids all the time. My dad has even adjusted my age so he can claim me as a minor for food stamps and stuff. I really hope you’re right and it will turn up, but if they have this repetitive behavior I wouldn’t put it past them completely.

Better check pawn shops. But if things have been going missing around the house, I think I might have found a better spot to put my ring than out on the counter. Hope you find it :pensive:


You need to confront them about it.

Honestly i would leave 50$ on the counter and have a hidden camera. I bet 50$ they take it


If it looks like, walks like and talks like…

then it is… you’d better lock away the rest of your valuables and stop giving them more opportunities to steal some valuables.



If it walks like a duck…

Sometimes, it be your own family … I hate that this happened to you, but a conversation definitely needs to be had.


It sounds like everyone needs to sit down and have a serious conversation with them if it’s not just your stuff that’s going missing. It’s no coincidence that things start to disappear as soon as they show up? I don’t understand why the parents haven’t already started to say something. I would ask to go through their stuff or just do it without them knowing

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I like the hidden camera idea…


Just ask if anyone’s seen your ring anywhere and create a story that’ll tug at their heart strings and maybe then you’ll “magically find it”

Under stove? Fridge? Roll into a vent? I mean shampoo n stuff is nothing. But that’s a serious accusation

Go to local jewelry stores and pawn shops. And see if they have it.


Check the local pawn shops!


I agree with setting up a camera. If by chance, they are innocent and you accuse them- there’s no going back. And same can be said if they are caught stealing from you.
I would absolutely have yourself and others check ALL resale apps and shops in the local area. Most pawn shops let others know what’s stolen- so if it comes through their store they will alert authorities.


Fuck I’d start going thru their stuff, not not they sold it check pond shop.

Ask to search their room. Say you think your kids might have hidden it there, and you just want to make sure that they didn’t because you have looked everywhere else. If they object to you searching their things, you have your answer.


Sounds like maybe someone has a drug problem? Any signs of that


My bfs sisters bf stole so much expensive shit from us and she was his accomplice the entire time. ‘Family’ will screw you over worse than anyone. Dont ever think they won’t.

Check your nearest pawn shop. If there is someone in your family that is on drugs that would be my guess. I’ve seen wonderful people resort to theft to pay their drug bills. Put a camera up and plant something.