I think my fiance is cheating on me: Advice?

I think my fiance of almost two years is cheating on me. We share a nine-month-old daughter, and I am currently pregnant with our second. I was sitting down when his phone rang twice, and the name that popped up was baby. What should I do?


Besides the name on call has he given you any other reason to not trust him or have you found anything else?!
Fallow your gut and ask him about it and if he gets defensive then he’s feeling guilty about something. I’ve been through this and it’s hard but it’s better to know the true!

Answer the call. Find out who it is. If he’s cheating leave him. Sorry.

If you feel that he is cheating on you you’re probably not wrong.
You need to do what is best for you and your children. If you want to call him out do it, you wanna call the number that called him call it, you wanna leave him do it.
You are the only one who knows what’s right for your situation.

I’m sorry that this is happening to you

Sounds like he’s cheating. There will be red flag signs. Working more, he will buy you things because he feels guilty, he will take his calls in another room or outside. Check your computer history. Check his phone for dial history or call log. You can put apps on his phone to see who he is texting him or bug his car with survillance and GPS. These days it’s easy to catch a cheater. I had a feeling my ex was cheating bug the house put a small audio device in his car and GPS him and caught him. Broke up with him. He was having sex with my 14 year old niece. She pretended to hate his guts when she was going to his house and having sex with him. It was devasting but I had to know. I had a gut feeling and was having dreams about him cheating. I’m glad I followed my instincts. I broke up right away.

Confront him before you have the second baby or call the number back.

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Kick his ass to the curb.

Be an adult and talk to him about it. You have every right to. :woman_shrugging:


Have a chat if he’s cheating he would be kicked to the kurb. Or check his phone for more proof.

Call the number back you’ll get the truth that way


Any man that has 3 legs and can walk will cheat


Don’t believe anything he says. He obviously is going to come up with some bullshit that you know isn’t true. Dump his ass :v:t3:

If my guy had a name in his phone that said baby and it wasn’t mine I’d be grabbing that phone and calling that number right away… you should be the only baby out babe in his phone

Call the number and talk to the person


Seems strange to actually put that in his phone…are you sure it’s not something to do with the baby like doctors number or health visitor? Usually men will name them like Dave or something in their phone

Talk to him about it :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Pull the messages up throw his phone out the door with the messages showing up then throw his stuff out the door too and literally kick him out without saying one word to him

I would definitely ask about it and ask him why he didn’t pick it up

If you confront him, he may lie or sweet talk his way outta it. I’d do my own investigating, gather the evidence, speak to a counselor who may be able to help you proceed.