I think my granddaughter is being abused by my daughters boyfriend: Advice?

What do you do when you know your granddaughters are being mistreated by your daughter’s new boyfriend? Like slapping the face of an 18 old girl, or now that she3 years old, the newest form of Punishment is putting tobacco sauce on her lips, and the mother does nothing to help her. How do I stop myself from feeling contempt and just downright hating her I can’t believe my daughter is turned into such an awful person and a mother and there’s nothing I can do about it so hard to keep watching this CPS will do nothing why is this your mother collect Social Security the boyfriend lives off of it it’s just so sickening it’s so hard to take! I’ve been forbidden to see if any of the girls because I spoke up about the slapping of the face. Is there really such a thing as grandparent rights does anyone know?


In TN & MS there are grandparents rights…however to obtain them you must hire an attorney & go to court

Call the cops on them. Any time you suspect something happened, call the police and CPS

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CPS is obliged to look into ANY form of abuse allegations. It’s their job


That is awful! I’m so sorry!

Grandparents rights are legit I know of someone who is taking their sons ex to court to get visitation x

Call dhr…get them involved, if the 18yr, can record it without them knowing, they could be placed in your custody

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Call cps again call the police hire a attorney for custody

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If your grandchild is being abused you have every right to make sure their wellfare is safe.
You can take custody if you wanted to “if its that bad” .

The police wont see you as doing harm if ypur looking out.

Id be calling them soon as.


Call the authorities duh


Yes depending on what state you live in.

You can get rights if the mother is unfit and father is not worth it ejther. Call the police and DCS

Every single time you kniw something happened call police and social services.

Call the police and social services

Grandparent Rights are a thing, but it’s rare that they’re ever granted

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Call 911 immediately
Call 800 number for abuse right away OMG please now make the calls


You call the police and cps as many times as it takes

Grandparents have more right then the actual parents


I have custody of my grand child

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You call CPS. You don’t wait and hope someone has an answer. If you’re concerned then you report immediately. By waiting for advice how much time could you have spent putting in the report that could help first, and then getting advice? If it’s that bad, you don’t wait, you don’t question it, you report it every time!

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