I think my husband feeds my daughter too much at one time: Should I say something?

My daughter is nine months old and barely started eating real solid foods about two weeks ago. She still eats baby food, but we’ve recently started giving her scrambled eggs etc. When my husband feeds her baby food or eggs, he gives her a huge spoonfuls of food. So much it makes her cheeks big with the amount of food she has in there. I hate that he feeds her that way, and I’ve asked him to stop giving her such big bites. She only has two bottom teeth. He says she enjoys having a full mouth of food, and she’s getting the hang of it just fine. When I ask him to stop, he says he will give her smaller amounts, but after a while goes back to the same amount. She does ok with the spoonfuls he gives, I guess…but she does gag a few times while he’s feeding her too. Am I a paranoid first-time mom? Should I leave it alone and just respect his different parenting styles? Or is it something I should put my foot down and make a bigger stink about it? I want to add he’s a very involved dad and puts in the same amount of effort taking care of her as I do. So I trust his judgment on everything with her. It’s just this one thing I feel like I’m constantly biting my tongue. My fear is choking and that she doesn’t like having that much food in there. I don’t think I would enjoy a mouthful of that much food myself.


Explain your fears to him.

I agree with you … she will end up choking if she has too much food in her mouth x


Put your foot down
You don’t want your child to choke

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Um no absolutely not that’s a choking hazard I wouldn’t be letting him feed her if he can’t understand that


Tell him about the dangers…if he is a concerned Dad he will listen…if he dosen’t…don’t let him feed her…


Please talk to him that’s not good for a baby to be fed like that. Small amounts so she can learn to chew her food up.

She is going to choke, and he is teaching her bad habits


Not only choking, child hood obesity.Explain your fears ,ask the family doctor to speak to him.Let him Google over feeding in infants as well as nutrition and how children can choke

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Take him to a infant CPR class. They will show examples and hell be trained for.his mistakes. Call him out discreetly during the class to by asking the instructor questions about sizes of food etc.


Two thoughts. First at 9 months old she could be “learning” to feed herself. She would enjoy the social activity of eating with mom and dad. Two a full mouth of food is hard to handle for anyone must less a baby. Right now is the time to begin teaching her table manners. Just a thought from a Grammy😊


Tell him you will feed her until he agrees not to give her such big mouthfuls of food. That’s it, no negotiating.


It’s great that he’s a great dad. And it’s great that he wants to feed her. Maybe make an extra doctors appointment with the pediatrician and just bring it up as a concern in front of him so they can explain better, some times it’s nice when someone other than a spouse can put in some knowledgeable input


Is he using a baby spoon? Baby spoons are super small so that we dont accidentally give them big bites. If he isnt maybe get some to help? I cant imagine a baby spoon being able to physically hold a huge amount


Is he trying to hurry up and get finished feeding her? If he doesn’t have the patience and is just trying to rush without considering what is best and safer for baby, maybe mom should feed her.


Have your peditrician explain it to him immediately!! It sounds like hes rushing to get done instead of doing what is best for her!


I hope he knows the heimlich

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Having the pediatrician explain it is the absolute best opinion because then he hears it from a professional. Or you could send him links from the internet on how to feed her. What matters is that he hears it from more than just you not that he doesnt value your opinion but because he may think you are being overprotective. A lot of dads feel that way about moms. However you are not being over protective if she is gagging. Infant CPR classes are a good idea too. I personally feel every parent should have to take an infant CPR class anyways.

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My ex used to do that. It drove me nuts too. My kid is now 10 n still freakin does it. She can eat a whole boiled egg at once!